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10 Essential Accessories Every Bike Rider Should Carry on a Trip


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10 Essential Accessories Every Bike Rider Should Carry on a Trip

14 Mar, 24


10 Essential Accessories Every Bike Rider Should Carry on a Trip

With trending Google searches for Motorcycle Trips, it is evident that people are more interested in adventure bike trips to Leh-Ladakh, Spiti, Tawang, Sikkim, etc. Travellers want to experience the true freedom of exploring according to their will on the trip rather than being stuck to the itinerary of the travelling groups or trip managers. But what could be some of the pre-planned steps or accessories you can carry to help you extract the best out of the vehicle you rent?

Why should you carry accessories to complement the adventure you are about to have on your rental bike? 

This is a valid question for any new traveller or vehicle renter to ask, well, to answer the question, as according to the experience I have accrued over the years, a few accessories that you carry can help you profoundly during the trip. I have included accessories that are easy to carry in your travelling luggage that would help you immensely during the journey.

Extra Spares or Accessories You Should Carry that Can Help You in Case of a Breakdown

1. Bike Jack

This is a necessary accessory that will help you if you face any issue with your bike, even a tyre puncture. These days, bikes do not come in stock with double stands that could help you in case you suffer any problems. In such cases, the bike jack will help you keep the bike upright while you perform repairs or maintenance.

2. Bike Spares, such as Brake Shoes

If you are planning a trip to the high mountain passes of Ladakh or other places, always remember that bikes face brake fade while riding in the high mountains. The rigorous braking the vehicles go through leads to bikes losing their breaking capability. While experienced riders can carry out engine braking and save up on brake pads, newer riders find it difficult. So, if you have chosen the bike you plan to travel with, carry a pair of spare brake pads that you can replace if your bike witnesses excessive brake fade.

3. A Chain Lock With a Key

This could be one of those accessories you would feel sorry for not carrying along. A substantial chain lock with a key apparatus would help you secure your helmet or bike anywhere you plan to park. If you carry your helmet while walking to local places, you can use the lock to secure the bike while parking or attach the helmet to the bike.

Avoid combination locks, as you might forget the lock's combination. Carry a substantial key chain lock that you can use easily, and you can carry the lock keys along with your primary keys. In case the rental service provider gives you a lock apparatus, ensure that you ask about the combination of the lock or for keys.

4. Portable Bike Air Pump

These can be found online for a great price, and they can help you reach your destination even if you suffer from a puncture. They work on a 12-volt DC, so if you plan to use them, ensure that your bike has a USB connection in your motor vehicle.

You can also choose a pump with a built-in battery that you can charge beforehand and use along the way. These are handy when you suffer punctures and can't do repairs instantly. You can use these to inflate the tyre and ride another few kilometres, where you can find a tyre shop. If you cannot carry an electric pump, try to get a manual one. They are available online for even lower prices and would help you in emergencies. 

5. Mobile Phone Holder

With Google Maps being the common denominator of every trip, a mobile phone holder for your bike ride is inherently necessary. These would help you seamlessly navigate your rental bike through different cities and places. They would help you reach your destination with ease and without any major hassles. Although a rental bike or a rental two-wheeler might already have these installed, if not, consider getting them installed before leaving for a trip.

Google Maps is a handy tool that can help you find your way no matter where you are. However, if you are travelling to a location known to have low network reception, ensure that you download the maps of the location beforehand. These maps will help you if the network drops and you are riding.

6. Bungee Cords

Cheap and inexpensive but effective in keeping your luggage secure while travelling, this accessory would help you numerous times along the trip. Even if you plan to pack light and travel with a single backpack, you should always carry these, as they can be handy. These are readily available online, and you can also buy them from the offline market. While buying, check the quality of the hook and the bungee cord to ensure that the bungee cord does not break away while travelling.

These accessories would help you no matter where you travel, as they are multi-use, and you can use them numerous times. If you want to go further, you can carry out more bike spares, such as clutch levers or brake levers and footpegs, as these are prone to breaking in cases of falls and collisions. If you need expert guidance right from the planning stage of your trip, you can contact us, and one of our adventure trip experts shall answer all your questions. You can also post your questions in the comments below; we will happily answer them.


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