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  • The rider is completely responsible for his personal safety. Once the agreement and deal are finalised, the rider rides the vehicle at his risk.
  • The customer is required to submit a Xerox copy of his licence for vehicle rentals except for bicycles.
  • Helmets are compulsory. Drinking and driving or use of any intoxications while driving is strictly against our Company policies. The rider has to abide by all rules and regulations of the Motor Vehicle Dept. of Govt. of India.
  • Damage to the vehicle may be accepted only under uncertain and unforeseen conditions like death, extreme weather changes or other related issues.
  • The vehicle should be returned back in sound and safe condition(as it was when rented).

Damage and Loss

  • The vehicle shall be inspected by us and the rider before being rented. The rider will be liable in case of any damages or losses caused thereafter.
  • The rented vehicle should be returned back to us in the same condition as it was at the time of renting.
  • You are responsible to pay the repair charges or any other charges if there is any damage or loss to the rented vehicle.
  • Once the rider complies with all the terms and conditions. The vehicle is safely handed over to him for usage.
  • By accepting the terms and conditions, the rider promises to take due care of the rented vehicle as if the vehicle belongs to him. Any damage by any means has to be made good by the user which has happened due to the user's negligence, carelessness or any other act. RenTrip shall not be liable for any of the acts committed by the user during the rented period with the rented vehicle.

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