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Payment & Security


  • Full payment should be made in advance before reserving and renting your selected bikes.
  • Any delay in payment will not be accepted and the vehicles will be handed over to you only after the complete amount is paid.
  • We ensure that hirers receive their paid receipts if no amount is due. Do not pay any amount till you receive your paid receipts.
  • The bike remains in your custody till the rental period and should be safely returned back after use.
  • Daily bookings are for 24 hours (except some we rent for 12 hours, where it is specifically mentioned)
  • Hourly bookings are for a minimum period of 5 hours.

Security Deposit

  • Hirers are required to pay a specific amount as a security deposit. This security deposit is collected so that if there is any damage caused to the vehicle then the amount can be depreciated from your security deposit.
  • On safely returning back the hired bike, the entire safety deposit amount is handed back to the customer.
  • In case there is any damage brought to the product then the amount is deducted from your security deposit and the balance amount is returned back.
  • This amount paid by you is refundable and is entitled to adjustments only under certain specific cases.
  • All the important documents of the vehicles are provided to customers as soon as they fulfil all the requirements and agree to all the terms and conditions.

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