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7 Biker Getaways from Bangalore


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7 Biker Getaways from Bangalore

02 Mar, 23

Team Rentrip

7 Biker Getaways from Bangalore


Nothing can be more awesome than exploring the outskirts of Bangalore on a bike. RenTrip offers a wide range of cruisers and sports motorcycles that can enhance the charm of visiting these beautiful destinations. The roads around Bangalore are not bad, and one can start the ride in the early morning from Bangalore. 

There are exciting destinations for one day trip from Bangalore. A few destinations are good choices for a longer three days trip.

Due to the heavy rush on weekends, there is a crunch of motorcycles. The better way is to reserve your bike in advance for better choices and peace of mind when you start your trip. Here we are giving the list of top biker’s destinations from Bangalore.


1. Mysore




Located around 150 Km from Bangalore, Mysore is the top biker destination for one day bike trip from Bangalore. One can rent a cruiser bike or any bike you choose for a Mysore trip. To reach Mysore, the shortest route is through NH 275 through Metagalli.

One can visit Srirangapatna Fort which is on the way to Mysore. Bangalore - Mysore trip is a two-day trip and is the preferred weekend destination. Things to visit in Mysore are Chamundeshwari Temple, Mysore Palace, Zoo Jaganmohan Palace, Kukkarahalli Lake, Karanji Lake, etc. You can have a night halt in Mysore and return to Bangalore the following day.


2. Coonoor




Around 300 km from Bangalore, Coonoor is the top destination for riders who love to go on a long rides. Fill up your tanks with enough fuel, install a luggage carrier if required and remember to take your woollens and vroom. It takes around 8 to 9 hours to get there from Bangalore comfortably.

We recommend choosing a cruiser motorcycle for this ride as they are comfortable for longer rides. Coonoor is well near Ooty, on the Nilgiri hills. The way to Coonoor is like Bangalore - Mysore - Coimbatore - Coonoor.


3. Hampi




One of our favourite places in India is Hampi, a top destination for tourists worldwide. This place was included in world heritage sites by UNESCO owing to the magnanimous historic buildings that tell the story of the Vijayanagar Empire. One must stay here for at least 2 days to visit Hampi properly.

Places to visit in Hampi are Tungabhadra bank, Virupaksha Temple, Vittala Temple, Mahanavami Dibba, The Underground Temple, Kings Balance, etc.

To reach Hampi from Bangalore, you must cover a distance of about 350 km one way. Ride time is approximately 7 to 9 hrs with short stops. The shortest route to Hampi is via Bangalore - Hyderabad highway or Via NH 48 and NH 50.

The road is fine for driving a motorcycle. Starting the ride early in the morning is a better option to reach there by noon and have rest. You can either stay in Hospet or Hampi as per your choice. The distance between the two is just 13 km.


4. Nandi Hills


Nandi Hills


Located about 60 km from Bangalore, Nandi Hills is a top Weekend Getaway among Cyclists and Bikers.The way is via Devanahalli - Nandi Cross - Nandi Hills.

This place is famous for its historical as well as geographical importance. The dense clouds here will charm anyone and its proximity to Bangalore make it a popular and convenient destination. It is better to leave off Bangalore early in the morning, say 4 A.M., owing to the beautiful sunrise here.

(Bikers - Good news - People in cars won’t be able to see the sunrise and will be stuck in the crowd.) Small shops are on the way, so you can enjoy the food while returning from here.


5. Chunchi Falls


Chunchi Falls
Image Credit - Joseph D'Mello, Flickr


Another day trip destination from Bangalore. Chunchi Falls is a beautiful waterfall in the Kanakapura area. If you like trekking, then this destination is for you.

There is a half an hour's trek before one can reach there. The distance from Bangalore is about 90 km via NH 948. Remember to carry lots of water to avoid dehydration, especially in the summer.


6. Bheemeshwari


Image Credit - Anne Roberts, Flickr


Bheemeshwari is one of the best places around Bangalore for a bike ride. This place is 100 km off Bangalore via NH 948 and a 3 hours trip one way. There are many adventure activities here besides the joy of riding motorcycles. Trekking, fishing, water sports, bird watching, Zip Lining, and Kayaking are the everyday adventure activities one can enjoy here.


7. Kabini River


kabini River


This destination is 200 km off Bangalore via NH 275 till Mysore and then SH 33. The road is fine, and it should take around 6 hrs to reach there, with short stops on the way. Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary is a good place to visit, along with the river on the banks of Kabini.

The animals which can be seen here are leopards and Elephants. Avoid going to this place in Monsoons due to heavy rainfall in the region.


Things to check when exploring Bangalore in and around

  1. Carry enough fuel when you start.
  2. Check the serviceability of the motorcycle.
  3. Start at the right time. If you need to start early in the morning, rent your bike in the previous evening. 
  4. Check weather forecasts. If everything looks OK, go ahead.
  5. Don’t forget to carry your driving license and motorcycle papers.

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Happy Journey!


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