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Best Places for Shopping in Bangalore


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Best Places for Shopping in Bangalore

26 May, 23

Savita Bansal

Best Places for Shopping in Bangalore

India's first shopping mall has opened in Bangalore. Apart from the mall, there are shopping streets, designer boutiques, and small centers selling trinkets. Bangalore offers a wide variety of shopping destinations in spas and salons, accessories, eyewear, footwear, men's wear, silk sarees, jewellers and boutiques. You can avail of amazing offers, coupons, and discounts on almost everything in Bangalore.

Bangalore known as the Silicon Valley of India, is also known as an IT hub, which is a very nice place to visit. From trekking to adventure, every kind of experience can be taken here; apart from this, Bengaluru is also famous for shopping, from where you can buy fashionable items on a budget.

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 Popular shopping destinations around Shivaji Nagar are commercial streets, Brigade Road, Chikpet, SP Road, and Kalasipalaya are the oldest market in Bangalore and are close to the Kr market. Avenue Road is famous for book shopping. Gandhi bazaar for sarees and national bazaar for electronic goods. And all of them fall near to majestic. 

Some of the shopping spots in Bangalore are detailed below.

1. Chickpet



With a celebrating history of about 400 years, Chickpet is among the oldest markets in Bangalore. There is no better place to shop for sarees than chickpet market. Chickpet is listed among the old markets in the city of Bangalore for shopping.

Chikpet is only 2 km away from the famous city market. Apart from stunning sarees from every imaginable weave and loom, you can also find great deals when it comes to precious metals like gold and silver. Yes, this crowded and bustling place is known for trading in jewellery made of these metals.

The streets of Chickpet are worth sweating and searching as it offers the buyers the best deals at a good bargain price which adds to the relevance of the products it serves. If you are looking forward to getting some jewellery made for yourself, visit Chickpet and get the best prices that will not hit your wallet.

2. Kalasipalyam City Market



The megacity is a request for various blends of fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Vendors from across the city buy their stock from this market. Several kilos of flowers are sold here every day; although the market is poorly maintained, the quality and variety of the stock make it must-see. Flowers come from different places in this market early in the morning.

3. Brigade Road



Brigade Road is one of the engaged roads in Bangalore. This commercial hub is filled with shops and stores selling clothes, footwear, spices, handmade items, antique jewellery pieces, and much more. Brigade Road is an original favourite when it comes to getting stylish at reasonable prices.

The location has a significant share of brands, such as KFC, Starbucks, Nike, and others, with outlets bearing the label. Internet cafes and pubs provide entertainment to locals and visitors. The market is famous for antique jewellery or home décor item and is 3 km away from the city market.

4. Commercial Street



Commercial Street near Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore, is one of the best shopping places in Bangalore. You can get good salwars, sarees, and other dresses material at reasonable prices. The commercial street has many dress shops, ethnic wear shops, lehenga shops, saree shops, and Burkha shops.

Commercial Street is close to Shivaji Nagar. The shops open around 11 to 12 and remain busy till late evening. Ibrahim Sahib Street is the street parallel to the commercial street, where you can find different types of clothes. This street is also home to several tailoring shops where you can get your salwar or saree blouse stitched within an hour.

From ready-made garments to footwear and jewellery, you will find everything here. In fact, the variety of offers, along with amazing price deals, will definitely leave anyone confused. For those who are interested in sports and athletics, this market also offers sports equipment and accessories.

Keep in mind that you will have to bargain here. Prices start high, but with good bargaining skills, one can get the best. You can also buy silver jewellery, gold, kohlarpuri chappals, antiques, fashion accessories, footwear, and artefacts.

5. Majestic Market



Majestic is famous for fancy electronic gadgets, shoes, perfumes, clothes, mobile phones, DVDs, chocolates, and other novelty items. The majestic market is bordered by the Hong Kong market and the Burma market. SP Road, which is notorious for computer accessories and further electronic stocks, is about 4 km from Majestic.

The public request conterminous to Majestic is Bangalore's slate request for apparel, accessories and tech goods, phones, handy cams, tablets and MP3 players. Shopping here can be risky due to Chinese counterfeits, defective parts, and fake labels. But the smart buyer can score some amazing deals.

6. Avenue Rd



Located close to Chikpet, this always crowded one-way street is filled with beautiful heritage buildings, food carts, and hundreds of shops selling stationery, jewellery and textiles, as well as many interesting things you would not find anywhere else in the city.

It is also a bookworms paradise, and second-hand books are available here at cheap rates. There are piles of books on the street. You can get books on this street at 20-40% of the cost. They also provide new books at a good discount and a buyback guarantee.

7. Gandhi Bazaar



Lined with shops selling everything from silk sarees to local medicines. This is one of the liveliest thoroughfares in the megacity. The market comes alive in the evening with crowds of people doing their daily shopping and gathering at the popular street eateries.

Particularly colorful on festive occasions. Gandhi Bazaar is known for traditional religious particulars, fabrics, and other particulars.

8. MG Road



Another saree shopping place, which reflects one of the six affordable places to shop in Bangalore, is on MG Road. The shops here are dominated by Parasadi and Deepam silk, and some fine handicraft items can also be found in this market.

Busy as the shops open their shutters, this street is a hub for locals and tourists, as it houses shops like kid's camps. Stalls serving great food along with great shopping deals only make this place go ahead. Women will fall in love with the collection of silk sarees available here. Even better, these collectables are reasonably priced.



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