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Weekend Getaways From Pune


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Weekend Getaways From Pune

18 Mar, 24


Weekzend Getaways From Pune

A weekend trip to nearby locations from pune could just be what your system needs after those tiring, long working hours at work. So, if you want to pack your bags and leave for an adventure of a lifetime right away, then our guide to some of the most beautiful places nearby Pune would certainly help you.

We understand how hard it is to squeeze time away from your working life, and hence, to help you have the best possible time on your vacations, we have personalised this guide and unlike other guides that you might find over the internet, this guide also includes places that are not mainstream. These are little gems that sprawl across the map of Maharasthra near Pune in different areas, and our guide will help you visit them with great ease.


Why Plan Your Weekend Travels according to our guide?

A valid question every reader who has read till here would have. To answer this query, it would be vital to state that we have spent hours and hours pondering about locations that are the best for travel and provide ultimate relaxation for all our office goers. So pack your bags and let us take you to the first location, which is





Situated at a distance of 70 km from Pune, the Loha Gad fort can be driven to on any given weekend if you want to. It's one of the most renowned mountain forts in Maharashtra, amongst many. The fort is situated at a distance of about 52 km from the northwest of Pune. According to historians, the fort is also connected to Visapur Fort by a small range of mountains. The Lohagad fort has been under diverse rules throughout its history. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj captured the fort in 1648 AD, but under certain circumstances, he surrendered it in 1665 AD. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj recaptured the fort in 1670 AD and used it for keeping his treasury. Much later, during the Peshwa period, the fort was used by Nana Phad Navis for living. 

If you like adventure and want to explore the true beauty of Lohagad on foot, then trekking would be the best possible outing for you. Once you reach Lohagad right from Pune, you will find a small village where you can park your vehicles and easily start to trek towards the fort. If you want, you can take your vehicle above the Lohagadwadi village and park them around the Bhaja Cave area too.



Want to leave behind the ever-increasing stress of your office life and be in the Lap of Nature? Well, Lonavala could just be the right place for you, thanks to the great connectivity in between Lonavala and Pune. You can be in between the most vivacious and beautiful greens and forget about all those deadlines you would have to work harder for. If a weekend full of relaxation and self-discovery is what you are after, then Lonavala is the right place for you. We have articulated an in-detail blog about a two-day complete trip to Lonavala, to read more about it click here... Pune To Lonavala.


Thoseghar Falls

A weekend retreat, a few new posts for Instagram, a splendid time, and wind in your hair are all the things that Thoseghar Falls can provide you in just a weekend. Just 141 km’s away from the bustling crowd of Pune, you can easily reach the place with the ease. The mere appearance of the falls would lead you to wonder about the greatness of the nature. And mesmerized by the beauty, you would forget the thousand other worries you might be carrying in your mind.

Since you would already be in nature lap while visiting the mighty falls, here are a few other places you can visit as well. SajjanGad Fort, Kaas Patthar, and Kelavali Waterfalls.



Another location which is surrounded by the most luscious greens of nature, sprawling with great beauty. Only about 174 km away from Pune, you can reach the place right after a drive of about 4 hours and 20 minutes. The town of Bhandardara is renowned for having the tallest peak in the whole range of the Sahyadri Hills. Further, if you are a seasoned traveler, you might want to extend your trip so that you can trek along the Kalsubai range. And if you think that the trek might be a little too much for you, then the more approachable trek towards the ancient Ratnagarh Fort would be right one for you.


Pawna Lake

Distanced at a meagre 52 km’s from Pune, you can reach here after a small drive or bike ride of about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Once here, you can plan to visit Shinde Wadi Hills, and if you have an adventurous freak in you, you can plan to paraglide as well. And in case you want to spend the night right in the lap of nature, you can camp over here as well.

If you like to extend your trip, why not visit the Temple of Kondeswar and other nearby places to Pawna Lake as well.


Tamini Ghat

Located at a distance of about 53 km from Pune, this location could be the right spot for you if you want to plan a trip to a nearby location. You would be able to reach here in about 1 hour and 32 minutes if you traveled from Pune. While you would be most likely to visit the Tamhini waterfalls, we would advise you to explore other locations in and around the falls, such as the Mulshi Lake, Tinkona Fort, Korigad Fort, etc. And if you plan to step ahead and travel a little bit farther, you can also visit Lavasa, which is situated about 9 kilometers away from Tamhini Ghat.



Located at a distance of about 30 kms, Sinhagad forth whoch was earlier know as Kondhana from history that you can visit, see, touch, and experience the greatness of history related to Maratha empire. Considered the second-highest peak in Maharashtra, it can be witnessed from a distance as well. You can trek to the top of the peak, enjoy the scenic sunset, and shed away with its drop in the horizon any stress that might be hindering you from living your life the way you want.

All these locations have been listed considering the ease of roadways access with which you can reach here from Pune. These would help you relax and have a great time throughout the weekend. But if your lack of a vehicle is what is stopping you from planning the greatest weekend trip ever, Then Rentrip, could be of great service to you. We offer the best self drive bike and Car rental services in pune that can help you travel and be free. 


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