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Best Water Parks in Mumbai


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Best Water Parks in Mumbai

24 Jul, 23

Savita Bansal

Best Water Parks in Mumbai

If you’re fed up with your daily routine and want to do something exciting, you have many choices to enjoy. But we suggest you visit parks in Mumbai, which are famous in India; Saturday and Sunday are the days you can see them.

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Here is a list of some popular water parks in Mumbai.

1. Water Kingdom Mumbai 



It is the most popular and Asia’s largest water park in Mumbai. It is in Gorai on the outskirts of Mumbai. It provides a wide range of water rides and attractions for the age group. It has slides, wave pools, lazy rivers, and other water-based activities.

It is a beautiful jungle-theme-based water park. The park covers an area of almost 64 acres of the theme park. Most of the tourists come here to enjoy this water park. Water Kingdom is the only place you may spend your entire day with your loved ones.

You can visit here any time of the year. It is open Monday to Thursday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. The cost of a ticket for adults is 1200 rupees and for children 800 rupees. You can memorize all these things for your relatives and friends.

There are all safety arrangements too. If you want to stay here and want to enjoy another day, there are many hotels to stay. We advise you to enjoy yourself because such days do not come again and again. The full address is Borivali West Mumbai.

2. Wet n Joy Mumbai



India’s most prominent and tallest water park, Wet n Joy, has almost 25 rides. The wave pool is 60,000 square feet. It's in the lush western ghats. It is a very famous place in Mumbai and Pune. It has a wave pool, a crazy river rain dance, and many more slides. It also provides the royal castle, which is a favourite among children.

Wet and Joy offers many facilities like changing rooms, locker facilities, food courts, etc. It also offers multiple dining options. The park has first aid services and trained lifeguards to ensure the safety of the visitors. It is open from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. An adult ticket is Rs. 1300; for children, it is Rs. 1050. The full address is old Mumbai, Pune Highway, Lonavala.

3. Great Escape Water Park, Mumbai



The Great Escape water park is in Mumbai. It is a very famous park for its thrilling water rides. It provides a water slider, wave pool, lazy river, rain dance, Kiddie Pool, etc. The park has many food outlets and stalls that offer snacks, drinks, and meals. The waterpark also provides well-maintained restrooms, locker facilities, first aid assistance, and parking space.

It also ensures safety by trained lifeguards. You have to follow Park safety guidelines. The visiting hours of the park are from 10'O clock in the morning to 6'O clock in the evening, Monday to Saturday, and on Sunday, the timings are from 9 am - 6 pm.

The cost price of a ticket is 699 rupees. The full address is Mumbai in the Virar, a suburb of Mumbai.

4. Adlabs Aqua Magica, Mumbai



It is also known as Adlabs Imagica Water Park. It is in Bhopal, near Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It is one of the biggest amusement water parks in the country and provides a wide range of thrilling water rights. It has slides, wave pools, a lazy river, kiddie pools, a water play station, and a rain dance.

The park offers all types of facilities for its visitors. They provide lifeguards in various locations. They also offer locker facilities to keep belongings. Besides this, there are medical facilities.

 Aqua Magica has dining options, and refreshment stands throughout the park. They provide snacks, quick bites, and beverages. It opens between the timings 10 am to 8 pm. The ticket costs 2000 rupees for adults and 600 rupees for children.

5. Suraj Water Park, Mumbai



Suraj water park is in Thane District, Mumbai. It is almost 29 Km from Mumbai city. It provides water slides, wave pools, a lazy river rain dance, and a swimming pool. The park has many slides, such as the Tornado, family play system, Harakiri Turbo Tunnel, and black hole. The water park offers many facilities, including changing rooms, locker facilities, restrooms, shower areas, and seating areas. The park also provides food and refreshments.

It got the Limca Book of Records six times. It has also won public and transnational awards. It is an ancient park in Mumbai. It has a fibreglass cave. Safety and security of the visitors is the utmost priority of the park authorities, for that lifeguards are present at different places.

For safety purposes, all the rides and pools are regularly inspected. There are clear guidelines and safety instructions. Timings are 10 am - 6 pm. The cost of a ticket for adults is 1000 rs and for children, 800RS. The address is Borivali West, near Bayview Hotel, Mumbai.

6. Tikuji – ni - wadi, Mumbai



It is in Thane Districts Mumbai. It provides multiple slides, wave pools, and a lazy river. You can enjoy the water slide splash. This water park has resort facilities that offer rooms and Cottages to stay. The resort has swimming pools and recreational activities. They also provide restrooms, changing rooms, locker facilities, and seating areas. The park has food and beverage outlets. The park has beautiful gardens and picnic areas to enjoy and see the natural surroundings.

The prime concern of the park authorities is the safety and security of all the tourists and visitors; for that, all safety measures are kept in mind while planning the working of the theme park. It provides unique events such as birthdays and other celebrations. Some other attractions include an amusement park, a game of mini golf, a mirror maze, a 7D theatre, a haunted house, a toy train, and a boating lake.

The park has rides like roller coasters, bumper cars, spinning cups, etc. Tourists can visit between the timings 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. The cost of a ticket for all is ?700. 

7. Shangrila Resort and Water Park, Mumbai



It is on Mumbai Nasik Highway Bhiwandi. It provides a water park, family slides, lazy rivers, a swimming pool, a waterfall, water coasters, a jacuzzi, etc. It also offers giant wheels, Merry–go–round, mini trains, and bumper cars. You can also do outdoor activities like zip lining and rock climbing for visitors. They also provide clean restrooms, changing rooms, locker facilities, and enough seating.

There is a parking facility for tourists. You can also arrange parties like birthdays, corporate gatherings, and weddings. They have catering, decorations, and enjoyment options. The park has everything for everybody. You will never go disappointing here. You can also dance to the latest Hindi songs under artificial rain. Timings are 10 am to 6 pm. An adult ticket costs Rs. 1500, and for children, it is Rs. 1200.

8. H20 Water Park



It is one of the best water parks in Mumbai. And it is also very famous. It is in the city of Aurangabad, Mumbai. It provides live music, rain dance, grandiose rides, water slides, wave pools, lazy rivers, kiddie pools, and other water-based activities. There are locker rooms, changing rooms, food and beverage outlets, seating areas, etc. All the safety measures are present in the H20 water park. The address is NH211 Elora Rd, near Daulatbad Fort, Aurangabad, Maharashtra. The adult ticket is Rs. 400 and Rs. 300 for children.









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