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Mumbai's monsoon magic: Places to visit in Monsoon


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Mumbai's monsoon magic: Places to visit in Monsoon

08 Sep, 23

Savita Bansal

Mumbai's monsoon magic: Places to visit in Monsoon

Mumbai, the 'City of Dreams' and the core of the Indian Bollywood industry, is a place where everybody wants to go. 'Aamchi Mumbai' hosts great food and smashing beach life. The cool, breezy air blowing near Marine Drive gives a soothing impact after a hustling, tireful, long day. 

But wait! Mumbaikar's busy lifestyle has a charm in itself. The banter of local trains, the aliveness of Ajanta and Ellora and, most importantly, the dusky beauty of Juhu Beach's sunset all add charm to the drizzle of Mumbai. Monsoon is the season when travel enthusiasts wish to go to the city. If you are planning to go to Mumbai during the monsoon season, you have to get all the information for your security travel. The monsoon starts in Mumbai in the month of June and ends in September. 

Based on the weather, the Monsoon normally comes to Mumbai by June in the middle of the month. If you are waiting for the arrival of the Monsoon in Mumbai, this is the estimated duration predicted by the weather forecasting report. We know very well that an exact date or time can never be predicted. Most of us want to know the exact date of the Monsoon so that when we visit the city, we can overcome summer and relax during the pouring rain.

The charm of Mumbai monsoon

To enjoy Mumbai's rain, you have to plan your trip smartly. Mumbai is a place for lovers, especially those couples who want to enjoy rain in their lifetime. The charm of Juhu Beach, the attraction of the marine beach, and the excitement of the Worli Sea face all engage the tourists. You can dance on the shoreline during raindrops, walk on the damp sand and listen to the sound of waves. The best moment in your life that you would like to remember can become a forever memory for you if you are in the city.

Top places to visit in Mumbai monsoon

There are many places in Mumbai where you can enjoy a lot during rainy seasons, like Gateway of India, Marine Drive, Powai Lake, Juhu Beach, and Worley Seaface.

Let's explore some of these once-in-a-lifetime memory places.

Marine Drive



If you want to enjoy the waves and the sea breeze during the Monsoon in Mumbai, Marine Drive is the best place to visit. The pouring rain and view of the sea allure when you are standing near Marine Drive. The splashes of the sea hit you when you are near the deck. You can also run away from splash. You have to be careful during monsoon season because high tide waves hit Mumbai's Marine Drive. The waves get higher in Monsoon, so you have to be alert when you are near shore. The best time is 5:00 AM to 8:00 AM.

Worli Sea face



Monsoon is the best time to visit here. The waves hitting the sidewalls give huge splashes of water. There is a breezy and windy atmosphere in Mumbai Worli sea face. It is a very amazing and notorious sea. You will enjoy this place in the rainy season during high tide when water comes out up to the road. This can become a favourite place to enjoy during Monsoon. The high waves will excite you. You can also enjoy eating corn when you drench in the rain. Everything is very special during the Monsoon. If yours is a couple visit, this will definitely be an amazing moment for you. The sea looks beautiful. 

Essel World



Essel World is the best place to visit in Mumbai during Monsoon. Monsoon is around the corner in Mumbai. All are very excited to have fun and enjoyable moments with friends and family members. Essel World is the perfect place during Monsoon when it is raining, and drops of rainfall pour you while riding and spinning; this is an amazing moment when you can enjoy rain in Essel World and Water Kingdom. You can do various activities in the Monsoon when it is showering, like jumping into the wave pool or sliding through the 70-degree ride. This is a moment you can never forget. There are some special discounts for students in Essel world during Monsoon. Besides this, other options to spend your day without enjoying rides are restaurants, fashion stores, movie theatres, discounts and complimentary rewards.

Powai Lake



Powai Lake is an artificial lake which is situated in Mumbai in the Powai Valley. It is the best place in the last few decades. The beauty of nature, which you want to see, can always be seen here. You can experience a green environment here. The monsoon season adds more beauty than before. During monsoon season, you can enjoy raindrops and showers in the lap of nature. This is the moment that one can never forget and will remember throughout life.

Powai Lake is a 120-year-old lake which also supplies water to the city of Mumbai. Many celebrities stay in Powai. Hrithik Roshan, Akshay Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan live here. Powai Lake has always been an attraction for locals and tourists during monsoon season in Mumbai. When it is pouring, the beauty of Powai Lake is sightseeing. The Powai Lake has many fishes and a few crocodiles. You can also see birds like Falcons, Storks and Herons, Ducks and doves here.

Juhu Beach



Juhu Beach is the most popular destination to visit during Monsoon. Most of the tourists and locals eagerly wait to enter Mumbai during Monsoon, and they especially visit Juhu Beach because of rain. When you are standing on Juhu Beach, and the rain starts, it creates an ambience that you would not want to miss. You can enjoy dancing on the shoreline with raindrops, walking on the damp sand, and listening to the sound of waves. You can also savour some delicious food, which is the city's famous. You are advised to take some precautionary measures during the Monsoon. When you visit Juhu Beach, the tides are quite high at the time. And if you are standing near the seashore, you should be alert. You should stay away from the heavy currents. Beaches can be harmful to you and hit you during the Monsoon in Mumbai. The waves get higher in the Monsoon, and so you should be warned by authorities. It's up to you how to save your life during the rainy season. You can also enjoy delicious snacks near Juhu Beach. The chaat corner at the entrance of the beach is very special for food lovers.

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After all the talks about the city, you would surely want to get the thrill of Mumbai's rain. Alright then! Do not miss this opportunity to experience the best time to visit Marine Drive, Worli Seaface, Juhu Beach, and Powai Lake. All these places are worth your visit. You would be pleased to sightsee drizzling Mumbai. However, I would advise you to plan your trip carefully and be vigilant while you visit these places because of high tides and waves, which can be dangerous for you in the rainy season. The safety of life is necessary for all tourists and locals. So, the first and foremost duty is to save your lives and then enjoy the moments that are not the cost of any harm. 

'Aamchi Mumbai' eagerly waits for your visit.


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