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Lohagad Trek Safety Precautions For a Fun Trekking Experience


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Lohagad Trek Safety Precautions For a Fun Trekking Experience

20 Apr, 24

Shriyansh Garg

Lohagad Trek Safety Precautions For a Fun Trekking Experience

Are you an adventure freak and want to explore the true beauty of Lohagad on foot? In such a case, trekking could be the best possible weekend plan for you. If you are planning to reach Loha Gad from Mumbai, you would have to ride a distance of about 104 km, and if you are planning to reach the location from Pune, it would take a ride of about 1 hour, 49 minutes, and 70 km. In case you don’t have a bike or a car to travel with, you can rent one from leading self-drive car and bike providers such as  RenTrip.

Once you reach Lohagad from Pune, you will find a small village named Lohagadi, where you can park your vehicles and easily start to trek towards the Fort. If you want, you can take your bikes from the Lohagadwadi village till the Baja Caves area you can and park there as well.


Lohagad Trek, important Info


Right from this stage, you will start a trekking trail, so gear up and carry the toughest shoes that you have because this trek will test your limits for sure. Moving forward, the first flight of stairs towards the Lohagad Fort would start right at the end of this trek. Although the round figure of all the steps is a daunting figure of about 500 steps, but this figure would keep on motivating you to reach the top. With every step, you would witness nature changing its shades and becoming ever so beautiful; changing landscapes would surely motivate you to move ahead. 

As you reach closer to the top, you will witness the four doors of the Fort. The first one is the Ganesh Darwaja, which houses the broken shrine of Ganpati ji. Moving on forward, you will witness Narayan Darwaja, with an idol of Parvati ji; the forthcoming Hanuman Darwaja would be enshrined by an idol of Hanuman ji in a delipidated state; and moving forward, you will witness Maha Darwaja, which would mark the entrance to the Fort.


Lohagad Trek important info


If you plan to go on this trek, remember to carry with you a good pair of sunglasses, trekking or any comfortable shoes with good traction, and sunscreen if you have sensitive skin. The trek will take a toll on your physical state, so we recommend to stay away from the trek if you are not well or in the best of health.

Precautions for Lohagad Fort Trek

These precautions have been included in the blog, keeping your safety and health in mind. In case any of you plan to trek to the Lohagad Fort, these would help you keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

  • While the internet is filled with profound details of how gorgeous the Fort appears during the monsoon period, we would recommend that you to be highly cautious while visiting the Fort during the monsoon.
  • Up high in the passes that lead to the Fort, the wind current is often so strong that it could be dangerous, so be careful and stay away from the edge of the trek as well as the stairways that lead to the Fort.
  • There have been reports of wild monkeys that reside in the fort structure, so while trekking, do not carry food and fruits in your hands. We would advise you to keep them concealed in your backpack.
  • Along the way, you would witness a number of waterfalls, one of the most famous being the Bhaje Waterfalls. We would recommend that you enjoy yourself and take photos from a distance. Do not be extra courageous, as the heavy current of water might cause harm to you.
  • The trek, as well as the stairways that lead to the top, have no guard rails, so at all costs, stay away from the edge and maintain a safe distance.
  • In case you suffer from any kind of respiratory issue, we would recommend that you stay away from the trek.

The total distance of climbing is about 5 km, and according to statistics available over the internet, it takes about 2 hours to reach the summit from Malavali and about 40 minutes to reach the summit from Lohagad Wadi. And if you want to reach the summit, your recommended BMI should be under 30.


Lohagad Trek , safety precautions


In case you want to explore further and witness the greatness that lies in the nooks and crannies of the place, you can also hike to Vinchu Kata. The name has been dedicated to the forts protruding out over the hills. This formation has been famous among visitors thanks to the views it provides of the Karla as well as the Bhaja caves. Although people tell tales of its beauty during the monsoon time but if you plan to visit the place during the monsoon, we would recommend that you to be safe and maintain a distance from the edges of the trekking paths.

All in all, it would not be too wrong to state that Lohagad could be one of the best weekend trips for all your relaxation needs. And for those who seek to go beyond the normal and explore, trekking towards the Loha Gad fort would be able to satiate all your adventure needs. But in case the lack of a vehicle is what is stopping you from planning the perfect weekend getaway, we RenTrip. in could be of great service.


Lohagad Trek, safety precautions

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