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Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Kashmir


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Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Kashmir

13 May, 23

Savita Bansal

  Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir, Union Territory of India, is situated in the North Part of the Indian continent and is the most beautiful place on earth.

Srinagar is the capital of Kashmir. The city is famous for its garden lakes and houseboats. It is also famous for Kashmiri handicrafts and dried fruits.

The city is situated on both sides of the Jhelum River. Gulab Singh founded Kashmir in 1846.

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Jammu and Kashmir, which is also called heaven on earth. It is located in the Himalayas mountains. The region has an area in all directions of 101387 square kilometres.

It lies between latitude 32 degrees 17 minutes and 37 degrees 05 minutes north and longitude 72 degrees 31 minutes and 80 degrees 20-minute east. The state is divided into three geographic regions, Kashmir, Vedic, Ladakh and Jammu.

Kashmir is notorious for Chinar, which turns the entire vale unheroic and red as the afterlife arrives, tableware lakes that turn gold in the light of dawn, and the jewel blue swash that are souls of the ice-cold mountain. 

There are no words to describe its natural beauty. It has beautiful Snow, covered mountains, green valleys and natural lakes. Many gardens there are constructed with terrace lawns.

Kashmir was originally a lake. Kashmiri, Dogri Urdu, Hindi and English are spoken in Kashmir. Islam is the majority religion in Kashmir; Meer Syed Ali Shah Hamdani, a Muslim Sufi teacher from Central Asia and Persia, brought Islam to Kashmir in India.

Pashmina shawls and blankets, carpets, jewellery, dress material, paper mache products, wooden object, fruits and dry fruits are famous in Kashmir. Apple is famous in Kashmir. Nelumbo Nusifera is a famous flower. Grandiloquent crocus flower fields in Pampore, Kashmir, are girdled by towering snowcapped mountains.

This blossom is the source of the spice saffron. Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden, situated in Kashmir, is Asia’s largest Tulip Garden. The beautiful crown of India Kashmir is popularly known as mini-Switzerland.

Snow-clad mountains, pine trees, landscape gardens and valleys are the main worth seeing in Kashmir. Kashmir has a moderate climate, but weather conditions are unpredictable. The highest temperature is 33 degrees Celsius, and the lowest is 18 degree Celsius. Solid snowfall during the month of December to February can be experienced.

Maize is the most important crop, and meat is the second most important crop. Summer crops are millet and pulses. Wheat and barley are spring crops. The population of Kashmir is estimated to be 1.36 crores.

Some famous places of Kashmir are Srinagar, Gulmarg, Sonamarg, Kupwara, Kargil, Pulwama, Mishat Garden, Shalimar Garden, JAMA, Masjid, Yusuf Marg and Aravali.

Here are some words to see places

  • Srinagar



Srinagar is the biggest city and the capital of Jammu and Kashmir. It is situated in the Kashmir Valley on the banks of the Jhelum River. Srinagar is famous for its beautiful Dal Lake, Kashmiri cuisine, houseboats etc.

Srinagar is one of the best places to spend time here. Burushaski is the main language spoken here. Its elevation is 5200 feet. It is situated amidst clear lakes and forested mountains.

The Jhelum River is spanned by several wooden bridges and waterways with shikhara.

Srinagar is famous for its mosque and temples. JAMA Masjid is the largest mosque. Dal Lake is very popular among the tourists. You can stay in the boathouse and take the Shikara ride.

How to reach?

By Air. – The Srinagar airport is connected to all main ports of India. 

By Train. – Here you can travel by the nearest railway station.

Here is a list of hotels near Srinagar where you can stay.

  1. Lee Heritage.
  2. It is 2.5 kilometres far from Dalake.
  3. Rs 2538 around.
  4. Rizk Inn near the airport.

Distance It is 3.5 kilometres far from Srinagar.

Cost Rs 3470 around

  1. Lake Victoria. Group of houseboats.

The distance is 90 metres from Dal Lake.

Cost Rs 2940 around

  1. Hotel York.
  2. It is 340 metres far from Delhi.

Cost Rs 2836 around

  1. Gulab resort
  2. It is 1.1 kilometres far from Dal Lake.

Cost Rs 1117 around.

  1. Hotel De Apple.
  2. It is 1.4 kilometres far from Delhi.

Cost Rs 2307 around

  1. New unique guest house.

Distance It is 990 metres far from Lal Chowk.

Cost Rs 1106 around

  • Gulmarg



Gulmarg is the most beautiful and popular place in Kashmir. It is very famous among tourists. It is called the Meadow of Flowers among Kashmiri.

You can feel like heaven here. You can also enjoy Skiing in the Snow, mountain biking, trekking etc.

You can also visit Heaven Retreat Gulmarg, Hotel Affarwat, Ne Dous Hotel Gulmarg, The Khyber Himalayas, Resort and Spa, and The Rosewood. If you want to get here, you can hire our taxi. The best time to visit here is December and January.

Here is listed of the best hotels where you can stay

  1. Hotel Hilltop
  2. Near Mein Gulmarg Market.
  3. Rs 12672.
  4. Global hotel and restaurant. 
  5. Near main Gulmarg Market

Cost Rs 2845.

  1. Show in by stay pattern.
  2. Ninety-six metres from Gulmarg Sky Resort.

Cost Rs 9964

  1. Welcome hotel.

Distance near main Gulmarg Market

Cost Rs 7050.

  1. Kolai Green Heights.

Distance near main Gulmarg Market

Cost Rs 12308 

  • Kupwara



Kupwara is a town in Jammu and Kashmir. It is also called The Sat Barren and is a cave in the jungle of MadMadav. River Jhelum is the main river in the valley.

It is also famous for walnut. It produces 50,000 tonnes of walnut and. 3,00,000 tonnes of apples. It has beautiful Bangus and Lolab Valley.

Kupwara district is located between Pir Pancha and Shams Bari Mountain ranges. It has beautiful meadows. Kupwara is the Northern Frontier District with a region of 2379 square kilometres.

It has different cultures, heritage and unique folklore. The Kashmiri language is spoken here.

It has full of scenic beauty, dense forest, rich wildlife, shoal landscapes, gushing waters, glittering springs, mountains etc. If you want to get here, you can hire a taxi to Kupwara. Baramulla is the nearest railway station. The suitable time to visit here is April to October.

Here are some famous hotels near Kupwara where you can stay.

  1. New River edge

Distance 36.1 kilometre from the city centre

Cost Rs 2046 per night around 

  1. Vani villa.

Distance 44.6 kilometres from City Centre

  1. Cost Rs 3896 per night around 
  2. Pop Masrat Homestay.

Distance 45.9 kilometres from the city centre

Cost Rs 1299 per night around

  1. Apsara Hotel and Restaurant

Distance 45.6 kilometres from the city centre.

Cost Rs 9958 per night around

  • Leh



Leh is a district in the Union Territory of Ladakh, India. It has spread over the 45110-kilometre square. Ladaki is the most spoken language, and Hindi Urdu is the second largest language spoken in Leh. 

It was around its establishment on 1 July 1979. If you want to reach here, you can take a flight to Lay Kushok Bakula Rinpoche Airport.

Jammu Tavi is the nearest railway station. Leh is the joint capital and larger city of Ladakh. Its elevation is 11500 ft. 

Livestock like sheep, yak, goats and cows is a main part of Ladakh's economy. From yak, they yield milk for butter and hair for ropes and tents.

  1. Glacier View Guest House.

Distance near Leh Palace

Cost Rs 2085 per night around

  1. The Pal

Distance near Leh Palace

Cost Rs 4814 per night around 

  1. The Bodhi tree

Distance near Leh Palace

Cost Rs 6708 per night around 

  • Pulwama



Pulwama is also known as the rice coliseum of Kashmir. Pulwama is a small village in Jammu and Kashmir. It is situated 40 kilometres from Srinagar.

Pulwama is famous for rice production, saffron production and milk production. Avanti Varma Chamar was the founder of Pulwama. He ruled Kashmir from 855 to 883 CE.

It is one of the pretty spots on the earth because there are waterfalls, fragrant flowers, and natural sceneries. There are some shrines and temples like Khankha Tral, Avantipora Building etc.

There are a number of industries in Pulwama, like Playboard, Cement Factory Wayan, Jainery Mill - Pampore, and Brick and Tile Factory Pampore.

You can enjoy some adventures like mountaineering, trekking and skiing in winter.

You can take a flight to Srinagar airport.

Here is the list of some popular hotels in Pulwama.

  1. Hotel Mirage
  2. Sea Palace houseboats
  3. Hotel Bakhtawar
  4. The Chinar Resort and Spa
  5. Bali guest house.




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