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Major Challenges Faced by Expats Trying To Settle in India


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Major Challenges Faced by Expats Trying To Settle in India

20 Apr, 24

Shriyansh Garg

Whatever the reason behind your voyage to India might be, the cultural vividness we have will inevitably shock you for a while. To help you prepare better and gauge what all preparation you would need to be ready for India, we have articulated some of the issues you would most probably go through while trying to adjust to the Indian way of doing things. Here are a few of the issues that have been regularly experienced by expat tourists in the nation.

Visa renewal and updating

In most cases, expats try to settle down in different areas based on the duration of the official project they are here for and the duration of the travel spree they might be planning across the nation. In such conditions, it's inevitable that their stays are primarily dependent on the duration of their visa permit. But if in case the duration of the stay is extended for any reason, such as an extension in project dates or your travelling spree, getting a visa renewal is pretty tedious.


Visa Renewals for EXPATS in India

Depending upon the time an expat has while in the nation, they can preplan, but these issues might still arise. Plus, finding accommodations and other resources to support your lifestyle and your necessities might be a challenge in itself. So if in case you require an extension of your rental lease, you just might fail, as rental agreements are tricky to renew and reissue as well. So this could be one of the biggest challenges that expats might face while staying in India.

Work Orientation

The difference between the American office spaces compared to that of the Indian offices is pretty clear. This stiff difference further makes the lives of expats much more complex and harder professionally. While your contemporaries might be on their best behaviour, the shocking cultural difference could be a bit much to fathom while trying to get along with different people. Plus, the calendar also changes, and instead of looking out for holidays on July 4th, let's say you would be looking forward to holidays on August 15th or 26th of January.  With time, you would be able to manage and thrive with the regional staff and would be able to move on ahead with your work, but the first few months would be a bit challenging. 


Work Orientation for Expats in India, RenTrip

Expats who expect to work in Indian companies should aim at deciphering the ways in which their Indian counterparts work. Then, acknowledge the most productive tactics and adapt them to be as per your use. If you want to lead a team, you would have to keep on learning the ways your team indirectly communicates within themselves. Be open to new experiences and new learning, as you would have to rethink every aspect of your international soft-skill tactics to become a profound leader in the Indian business scene. Striking a balance between being a boss and a leader while trying to achieve the collective goals necessary for your business would be challenging but soon lead you to results like no other.

Expats facing language issues in India, RenTrip

Language Barrier

With about 121 languages and a total of 19,500 dialects, it would take a while for you to get your head around the dialects and learn about some of the simple phrases that would be able to help you get around everyday chores. English is accepted as the official language of business, and hence you would not witness any kind of challenges while in the office. But if your job entails traveling into remote areas and smaller towns and suburbs in India, you would need help from natives, or it would be worthwhile to have a native office colleague with you.


While small crimes and demeanours are pretty prevalent in different parts of the world, it's important to understand that the widening currency exchange ratio is the reason foreigners are mostly subjected to swindling. In your initial days of travelling and buying stuff, it's possible that a higher price might be quoted to you, and you would have to be vigilant about such things. It's advised to women to stop from travelling alone at night in unknown areas and get cabs and taxis that have a GPS tracking system. If your work entails travelling to remote areas, be vigilant, as foreigners often become centre of attraction. Being worried about the changes is only natural, but in due time, all your worries and issues will dissipate and you will start to enjoy being here.

Ticket price differences for Expats and Foreign Travellers, RenTrip


Differences in fair prices are established at monuments.

The pricing of tickets at various monuments is pretty varied, it has been done to safeguard foreign tourists from any kind of scams and issues that swindlers might try to coax them into. These would help them go through a more secure route towards the main monument and ensure that a guide well-versed with the intricacies of the monument joins them along. Although people have been reluctant about the high charges for foreign tourists for a long time, it's a measure established to help tourists safely reach their destination without any issues or worries.

Getting a Taxi in India, RenTripTravel and Mobility

Travel and mobility when you are a foreigner could be a problem as well, as travelling by public transport and trains would not always be the best possible option for you. In such a case, it would be better for you to hire cabs and other services. Getting a cab for travelling all the time might not be the best option as it could turn out to be pretty expensive. Well, for such cases we, RenTrip can help and support you with all your travel troubles. We are a leading self-drive car rental provider who can provide you with some of the best and most well-maintained cars for all your errands and trips at the most affordable prices. With our simple and seamless booking process through our application, you can book a vehicle in mere minutes and provide for all your needs with great ease. Remember, RenTrip, book the vehicle of your choice today.



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