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Best Places for One-Day Trips from Kolkata


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Best Places for One-Day Trips from Kolkata

02 Sep, 23


Best Places for One-Day Trips from Kolkata


Escape the bustling streets of Kolkata and embark on a whirlwind adventure to some of the most captivating destinations just a stone's throw away. In a city where time never stands still, the allure of quick getaways becomes irresistible. But that’s not all, Kolkata has some beautiful gems tucked away where you should pay a visit. Welcome to a world brimming with history, nature's splendour, and cultural marvels – the best places for one-day trips from Kolkata. Pack your curiosity, leave behind the mundane, and join us on a journey through this vibrant tapestry of day-trip wonders!


Top One-Day Trip Destinations from Kolkata


Kolkata is a vibrant city full of culture, traditions, and popular attractions. If you are planning a one-day outing near Kolkata, you can visit Raichak. This small village brings you closer to tranquillity and can be easily covered in a single day. Here are a few places you can check out.


Visit Ancient Forts at Raichak



Raichak and its surrounding areas hold within their embrace a wealth of historical treasures that span centuries. Its ancient forts not only stand as architectural marvels but also as witnesses to the events and stories that have shaped the land.


  • Shantiniketan


A name synonymous with cultural vibrancy and intellectualism, Shantiniketan is a must-visit while in the vicinity of Raichak. Founded by the renowned poet and Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore, this unique institution is an ode to art, education, and heritage. The campus houses the Upasana Griha, a tranquil prayer hall adorned with frescoes, and the iconic Rabindra Bhavan Museum, which showcases an array of artefacts and Tagore's personal belongings. The serene surroundings and architectural marvels of Shantiniketan make it a haven for those seeking inspiration from the past.

  • Henry Island



As the sea breeze whispers through the ancient trees, Henry Island transports visitors to a time when pirates roamed the coast. Named after the infamous pirate Henry Every, this island is home to the ruins of a fort that once guarded the coastline against marauding raiders. While the fort itself may be in a state of decay, the mystical allure of Henry Island lies in its panoramic views of the Bay of Bengal and the remnants of its history that still linger among the shadows.

  • Piyali Island



Nature and history converge at Piyali Island, where an ancient watchtower stands tall amidst the verdant landscape. This watchtower, now a part of a wildlife sanctuary, was once used to keep a vigilant eye on river traffic. The ruins of the tower are a testament to the strategic importance this region held in the past. With the tranquil river flowing by and the calls of exotic birds echoing through the air, Piyali Island offers a unique blend of historical exploration and natural rejuvenation.

  • Bishnupur



Venturing slightly further from Raichak, the town of Bishnupur unveils its awe-inspiring terracotta temples and historical forts. Renowned for its distinct terracotta artistry, Bishnupur boasts intricately crafted temples that narrate stories of mythological epics and historical events. The stone gateways and fortified walls of Bishnupur's forts remind us of the region's strategic significance in times of yore.


Planning Tips for a 1-day Trip from Kolkata


1-day trips are quick, adventurous, and fun. But it can also be daunting as you want to cover all the places without feeling like you are losing time. So here are a few tips that you can follow to make the most of your weekend trip from Kolkata by car –

  • Plan Ahead: Since you have just one day, advance planning is crucial. Research the destination, its attractions, and the best routes to reach there. Make a rough itinerary to ensure you cover the highlights without feeling rushed.
  • Travel Time: Consider the travel duration to your chosen destination. If it's a few hours away, you'll want to leave early to make the most of your day.
  • Pack Light and Smart: Since it's a short trip, don’t overstuff. Carry essentials like a water bottle, sunscreen, snacks, and any medications you might need. Check the weather forecast to dress appropriately and comfortably.
  • Breakfast on the Go: Start your day with a hearty breakfast. Grab something to eat on the way or pack a quick meal if you're driving. This ensures you have the energy to make the most of your day's activities.
  • Prioritise Activities: Given the limited time, make a list of the attractions you want to visit. Be realistic about how much you can cover. Consider guided tours for a more efficient way to explore.
  • Capture Memories: Don't forget your camera or smartphone to capture the moments. A 1-day trip can be just as memorable as a longer one, and having photos to look back on enhances the experience.
  • Local Cuisine Sampling: Lunch is a great opportunity to sample local cuisine. Ask locals or do a quick online search for recommended eateries that offer authentic dishes.
  • Mind the Return Journey: Keep an eye on the time to ensure you head back with ample time to spare. Missing your return transportation can lead to unnecessary stress.
  • Reflect and Relax: On your way back, take some time to reflect on your day. Enjoy the journey and the memories you've made. A 1-day trip is a chance to unwind and recharge, so make the most of it.


Transportation Options


There are many tourist spots near Kolkata for your 1-day trip. If you want to cover them all, choosing the right mode of conveyance is important. A rental car in Kolkata is the best choice. It will help you cover the destination how you like and there will be no restrictions. Also, you can make stops and enjoy a peaceful journey with your travel partners. You can also opt for a rental bike if it is just you and your partner. But make sure that the weather is right for riding on a two-wheeler.



We have discussed some amazing places for you to discover on your one-day trip near Kolkata. Along with checking out the architectural marvel, you also try the local cuisine, indulge in the ongoing festivals, and make as many memories as you can. This is the beauty of travel, it brings you new experiences each time.


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