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Best Bike Tours in India in 2023


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Best Bike Tours in India in 2023

04 Mar, 21

Satyarth Singh

Are you thinking to go on an All India Bike Trip? Here is the list of the bike trips that you must undertake in 2021  whether you are a serious biker or a backpacker. You can find here the bike trip route and the halts information along with the complete trip itinerary.


1. Leh Ladakh Bike Trip

The Mecca of Bikers, the land of Monpa's and the dream of every biker. Leh Ladakh is an evergreen destination among the bikers of all the countries. The Ladakh season starts in May and the bike trip can be undertaken upto October.

The road trip route gives you options to follow. Manali - Leh highway or Srinagar - Leh Highway. Either route has it's pros and cons. Nevertheless, whatever route you choose you are poised to experience an unforgettable adventure bike trip. You also have an opportunity to witness several high passes of the world like Rohtang, Baralachala, Naki-la, and Khardung-la.

The bike trip needs to be planned in advance as doing Leh Ladakh requires extensive preparation and information. The bikers who want to have arrangements managed by a professional bike trip organizer, go for package Ladakh motorcycle tours. These tours have backup vehicles, medical facilities with an oxygen cylinder and onboard mechanic apart from bike and accommodation inclusions.


2. Tawang Bike Tour

After Leh Ladakh, Tawang is considered as one of the hardest bike trip involving mountain passes and bad weather on the way. If you want to test your riding skills, Tawang should be on your hit list. Once you reach Sessa near Sela Pass, you find that you are riding over the ice. The snow melts and freezes over the road making it highly challengable to ride over. Riders chain the wheels of their bikes to cross the Sessa. 

However, Tawang Bike Trip is a reward in itself. The ride usually starts from Guwahati City and you cover Tawang in a week itinerary.


3. Sikkim Bike Trip

Its also called as a Gurodondmar Lake bike trip. Included in the lists of one of the most dangerous bike trips in India, the Sikkim Bike Trip is able to take your breaths away. The bike trip offers splendid views of the valley, which would otherwise be impossible to get. The typical Sikkim bike trip itinerary covers Lachen, Lachung, Nathula Pass and China border. The usual starting point for the Sikkim bike trip is Siliguri. 

You can plan to rent a bike in Siliguri or go for a Sikkim Bike Trip Packages based on your choice of solo or group bike tour.


4. Bhutan Bike Tour

The ride to Bhutan can be undertaken from Siliguri and Guwahati both, but Siliguri is the most popular starting point between the riders. A typical bike trip to Bhutan takes around 9 - 12 days of time. The bike trip route to Bhutan is Siliguri - Phuentsholling - Thimphu - Punakha - Paro - Taktsang Monastery - Phuentsholling - Siliguri, however, you can choose another route as per your plan.


5. Rajasthan Bike Trip Tour

The bike trip to the Royal Land of Rajasthan is one of the most thrilling and unique experiences in the biking life of a rider. Who shall not want to ride over the desert and sand dunes in his life?

Most of the riders undertake the Rajasthan bike trip from Delhi, however, the trip can also be undertaken from Jaipur or Jodhpur as per your riding plan. The trip highlights of the Rajasthan bike trip are the magnificent Royal Palaces, the ghost village of Kuldhara, peaks of Mount Abu and Sum Sand Dunes.


6. Rann of Kutch Bike Trip

The Rann of Kutch bike trip is not just another bike trip. It encompasses the white Rann of Gujrat which shall definitely happen to be a memory of a lifetime for every visitor. The 4-day bike trip starts from Ahmedabad and touches Bhuj, Dhordo City before being again back to Ahmedabad. You can also witness the Rann Festival if you plan your bike trip during the winter season.

How to get there? 

You can rent a bike from Ahmedabad for your solo bike trip or you can subscribe to a Guided Bike Tour to Rann of Kutch if you want to join a group.


7. Spiti Motorcycle Expedition

Spiti is considered as one of the most challenging motorcycle tours in India, but along with challenges, it offers you the stunning beauty of the mountains alongside. A typical ride to Spiti from Delhi can be planned in around 10 days. The tour highlights for the Spiti Bike Trip are Kaza, Chandra-Taal Lake, and Manali.


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