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Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Pondicherry


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Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Pondicherry

04 May, 23

Savita Bansal

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Pondicherry

Pondicherry is called by several names like “Paris of the East”, “Pondy”, “The City of Dawn”, and “French Riviera of the East”. It is the capital and union territory of Puducherry in India. It is situated on the southern coast of India and is surrounded by the Bay of Bengal.

If you want to visit Pondicherry, October to March is the best time. Handicrafts, leather, goods and textile sarees are cheap in Pondicherry. There are many ways to travel in Pondicherry. Some of them are buses, taxis and motorcycles. If you wish for a comfortable drive, you can even hire a car on rent. Now rent on car on Pondicherry on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly rental plan. Rent a wide range of bikes on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. 

There are some food items which are very famous in Pondicherry, like- sandwiches, quiche, spinach crepe, idli sambhar, soybean dosa etc.

If you want to stay in Pondicherry, White Town is the best area to stay.

People of Pondicherry wear dhoti and kurta, slacks and shirts.

There are some famous sweets in Pondicherry, like- brown sugar, laddoos, iconic change etc.

Rock Beach is the best beach for many visitors in Pondicherry.

Pondicherry is an alcohol-free state. There are no restrictions. Summer is not the right time to visit because there is too much heat in this season. If you want to visit Pondicherry, winter is the best season. In this season, you can cover yourself in comfortable woollens and can enjoy.

People in the city speak French and English, along with Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam.

All the regions of Pondicherry were under French rule for 138 years. On November 1, 1954, the French possessions in India were de facto and were transferred to the Indian Union and became a union territory. 

  • One of the most beautiful places to visit in Pondicherry are:

1. Paradise Beach, Pondicherry



Paradise Beach is one of the most beautiful places in Pondicherry. It is located in Chunnambar, near Pondicherry town. If you want to get there, you should take a ferry, which takes around 20 to 30 minutes.

Top hotel to stay near paradise beach

a. Fab Express Santhi Inn

   Cost – Rs.2000 onwards

   Distance – 7 kms

b. The Promenade 

Cost – Rs.9500 onwards

Distance – 7 kms

c. Treebo Trent South Avenue 

Cost – Rs.3000 onwards

Distance – 6 kms

d. Le Pondy

Cost – Rs.14,500 onwards

Distance – 7 kms

e. The Residency Towers

Cost – Rs.10500 onwards

Distance – 7kms

2. Aurobindo Ashram



The main aim of setting up this ashram is to spread spirituality among the people. Shri Aurobindo Ghosh, who retired from politics and settled in Pondicherry in 1510, has this ashram dedicated to him.

You can meditate here in the ashram between the timings 7:25 AM to 7:50 PM on Monday to Friday. If you want to reach Aurobindo ashram, you can hire a taxi or can even take a car on rent. 15th August is the birthday of Shri Aurobindo, and you can celebrate it by reaching the ashram on this day. 

3. Auroville



It is the place where one can take education. There is no discriminatory of caste, creed, nationality or racism. You can find here peace, harmony and divine consciousness.

Mirra Alfassa is the founder of this philosophy.

The huge golden globe-like structure at the centre of Auroville is the Matri Mandir. It is a huge meditation centre.

Address – Villupuram District, Pondicherry, India

It is situated at a distance of 14 km from the bus stand.

4. Scuba diving in Pondicherry



If you are interested in diving, it can be the best place of your choice. Most of the visitors come here to experience diving. You can watch aquatic life and can have a wonderful underwater experience with enthusiasm.

5. Promenade



If you want to walk in nature surrounding environmental beauty, this can be the best place of your choice. This nature-inspired place provides you refreshing cool sea breeze. There are many hotels and restaurants around this area where you can stay and enjoy living.

Address – White Town, Pondicherry

6. Serenity beach



It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Pondicherry. One can enjoy its charm. There is a beauty of nature and golden sands, blue water etc.

Address – kottakuppam, Pondicherry 

It is situated about 7 km from Pondicherry bus stand.

7. Arikamedu

It is the best archaeological site in South India. It was made in the 19th century. It includes Roman lamps, glassware, stone beads, etc. 

If you know about its history so, visit this place to get information about Arikamedu.

Address – Ariyankuppam, Pondicherry 

It is 7.1 km away from Pondicherry bus stand

8. Chunnambar Boat House 



Suppose you are planning to see the beach by the boat house. It is the best option for your choice.


There are a number of options like boating in motor boats, speed boats, sailboats, rowed boats, water scooters, paddled boats etc. If you also want to enjoy another activity like jet skiing, you have to visit here.

There are many hotels and restaurants to stay in which can serve you delicious piping hot Chinese and tandoori food.

Address – National Highway - 45 A near Water Sports Complex, Nonnankuppam, Pondicherry India

It is 6.4 km away from Pondicherry bus stand

9. The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus



If you want to find peace and offer your prayers to god, it is the best place for your choice. 

It is also familiar with the glass pictures of 28 saints and many glass panels that describe the life of Jesus.

Address – M.G Road Area, Pondicherry

It is about 2 km away from Pondicherry bus stand.

10. The Pondicherry Botanical Garden 



It is made by the French, who brought a number of plant species from all over the world. There are 1500 species of plants. All of the plants and species are named by placards. 

You can also get all the information about plants and species.

Address – Marimalai Adigal Salai, near Anna Statu Orleanpet, Pondicherry

It is 1 km away from the bus stand

  • Laws for Tourists in Pondicherry

Pondicherry is a safe city, and the people are warm and welcoming. It is upto you to be cautious and keep your things safe.

The legal age for consumption of alcohol in Pondicherry is 18 years.

  • Sports in Pondicherry 

If you are courageous and want to take risks here is the list that mentions some famous water sports activities to be done in Pondicherry:

       a. Surfing

It is the most famous sport in Pondicherry. If you want to enjoy the waves of the sea, there are many trainers here who can guide you surfing. You need not worry about how you are surfing. You can enjoy it mostly on a paradise beach.

        b. Scuba diving

It is one of the most thrilling sports in Pondicherry to enjoy diving into the waters and seeing the fishes and other marine life. The new diver is trained by trainers.

Address- Temple Adventures Centre 

Price – Rs.500 per person for an hour

         c. Kayaking

It is one of the oldest water sports in Pondicherry. Kayak is made of animal skin and pieces of wood. 

Address – Ride over the water

Price – Rs.1000 per person

        d. Paragliding

This is a sport that involves tying oneself to an inflated balloon that serves as an upper guard to lift one in the air.

Address – Paradise Beach

Price – Rs.800 per person for an hour

  • Heritage and culture

Pondicherry was under French rule, so its culture and heritage had French influence. French culture is proof of the architecture, cuisine and lifestyle of the people of Pondicherry. People here are also involved in leather, woodcraft, pottery, metalcraft etc.


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