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Spiritual visit in Braj Bhoomi


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Spiritual visit in Braj Bhoomi

22 Jul, 23

Savita Bansal

Spiritual visit in Braj Bhoomi

Braj Bhoomi, the sacred land of Radhakrishna, is one of the most important religious places for Hindu spiritual tourism in Uttar Pradesh. Many devotees around the year and also across the globe visit Braj to enjoy the peaceful and merry-making environment.

The Braj region comprises some central districts and towns where Lord Krishna and Goddess Radharani spent most of their childhood divided into two major sections, the Eastern and the other Western parts covering the areas near the Yamuna River. Such as Barsana - the birthplace of goddess Shrimati Radharani, and Mathura - the native town of Lord Krishna, Vrindavan, Gokul, Goverdhan, Nandgaon and Bhandirvan. 


During the era of the epic Mahabharata, these places were of significant importance; the Lord spent his childhood days along with his spiritual consort Shri Radha. The admirers of Radha Krishna believe Braj to be where one can find salvation after they die.

The people residing on the land or Bhoomi of Braj are considered to have the ultimate mercy of the divine couple. The belief is such that without the mercy of Radhakrishn, no one can even get one-half of the portion of land in the Braj region. Radharani and Lord Krishna were together only till their adolescence.

They both parted ways physically when the lord was 16 years of age. This adulthood was spent in Dwarka alone with his 16108 wives, among which 108 were his Patranis. Radharani was always connected to him spiritually, and all his majestic actions, which he did during his childhood, were from the energy of the Goddess. 


What is to be seen in Braj? What significant places form an integral part of the Braj pilgrimage? How can one know Braj’s momentousness? Is the Braj Bhoomi a reality of divinity on earth?

All these questions have only one answer – Radhe Radhe

Come with me and explore the absolute heaven on earth – The Braj

1. Barsana



As famously said by a residing Muslim devotee of Barsana-

“Laadli adbhut nazara tere Barsane mein hai, Besaharo ko sahara tere Barsane mein hai“


Referring to the above-stated verse, the view of Radharani’s Barsana Dham is invincible and magnificent. The needy and poor gets the mercy of the Goddess. With intense emotions of compassion and affection, Radharani gives shelter to all in need. 

Barsana is religiously significant and is in the northwest direction from the centre of Braj called Mathura at about a distance of 50 kms. Famous for its ‘Latthmaar’ Holi during the festival of colours, Barsana altogether has a different vibe. The main temple of the town, known as “Shri Laadliji Mandir”, is dedicated to the divine couple and is located on the top of a hill. Other temples to visit in the town are Man-Mandir, Mor-Kutir, Gehevarvan and Sankari-Khor. 

2. Mathura



The birthplace of the Lord of the universe, Lord Shri Krishna, is known as Mathura. It is where our beloved Krishna was born under uncertain circumstances. Immediately after his birth, he was shifted to Gokul by his biological father, Vasudev, to secure him from the evil deeds of his maternal uncle Kansa. After killing Kansa in his adolescent days, he shifted from here and developed a new town in the northwest region of Gujarat named “Dwarka”. 

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Some significant shrines of this heritage wealth of Uttar Pradesh are:

a. Shri Krishna Janmbhoomi

 Located at the district's centre, this place is an impression of the original Janmbhoomi, where the lord was born in Dwaparyuga. It has a display of all the major Leelas of the childhood days of Krishna. 


b. Dwarikadhish Temple

Mathura has a total of 25 ghats on the river Yamuna's banks. The most important among them is Vishram Ghat, where the temple is located. A wealthy staunch devotee of Krishna built the temple, his name being Seth Gokuldas, in the 18th century. The temple depicts Krishna’s ‘Dwarikadhish’ manifestation, popularly known as he established his Kingdom of Dwarka. 


3. Vrindavan



Known as the town of ‘Vrinda’ – a sacred Hindu plant, this place is essential in completing the pilgrimage of Braj. Goloka is the spiritual universe where the divine couple stays together, and that on earth is believed to be Vrindavan. It is the heart of Shrimati Radharani, where no one without her mercy can enter. The pilgrimage to Vrindavan gives peace and tranquillity to Radha Krishna fanatics.

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This town owns around 5000 temples dedicated to beloved Radhrani and Shri Krishna. The followers of the Vaishnava sect of Hinduism know the significance of Vrindavan. People here greet each other by saying ‘Radhe Radhe’.  

The prominent shrines to visit here are

a. Seva Kunja

According to the old age saga of the town, Lord Shri Krishna did ‘Charan Seva’, serving the lotus feet of Shrimati Radharani along with the Gopis after doing “Raas” all night long. One can find the darshan of RadhaKrishn over a photo frame known as ‘Chitra Patt Darshan’ different from the ones in other temples that are of an idol. 

b. Shri Bankey Bihari temple 

The temple without any shells or bells can only be seen in Vrindavan. Shri Bankey Bihari temple is a renowned Krishna temple across the globe, and pilgrims around the year, whether national or international, come to visit and pay their respects to the Lord. the Goswami of the temple do seva of the Lord day and night and considers him to be their everything. Saint Haridas brought the Lord to Vrindavan, and the day he appeared in his Bankey Bihari manifestation is celebrated with full pomp and show in the town. The Lord is referred to as Bankey Bihari because of his bent feet, holding the divine flute, thereby soothing the ears of his devotees.  

c. Nidhivan

This place is significant in showing the love between Radha Krishna and Gopi Krishna. To go with the narrative of the events held at this divine place, it is said that during each night, the trees of this Van or Vana transforms into Gopis and Shrimati Radharani, along with them, do the divine dance ‘Rasa’ with Krishna. In the morning, when the priest of the temple visits, he finds the Prasadam and other items kept for the convenience of the Lord disintegrated all over the temple premises.

4. Gokul



Lord Krishna’s childhood abode was Gokul, where he spent most of his time playing with friends known as his ‘Sakhas’. It lies in the south-west direction from district Mathura and is 15 kms far from it. It has the famous ‘Gokul Dam’, which holds the rippling waters of the Yamuna River.

Mother Yashoda, the lord's foster mother, raised him in secrecy to Kansa to save the lord from Kansa’s evil aspirations. She did everything more than what a biological mother could do to nurse her child. 

This town holds significant Krishna temples like Gokulnath Ji Temple, Balkrishna and Shri Dwarkanath Temple.

5. Goverdhan



The town got its name from the mountain Goverdhan on which the nearby villages in Dwaparyuga developed it. The narrative drawn about the place is such that Lord Indra, under the influence of his divine powers, taught to teach a lesson to the villagers worshipping Mountain Goverdhan by pouring heavy rain, making the whole town flood prone.

To save his fellow villagers Lord Krishna holding the energy of Goddess Radharani, lifted the mountain on his little finger and got everyone under its roof, eventually keeping all. Seeing that Lord Indra realised his mistake and promised the Lord never again to do any wrong to his devotees, and even gave Mountain Goverdhan the pride of getting worshipped by Krishna devotees.

The pilgrimage to Braj is incomplete without ‘The Parikrama of Goverdhan mountain.


No one knows the secret of this holy land, but a true devotee can feel the presence of Radha-Krishna all over the Braj region. If your next trip is to do something spiritually adventurous, give the Brajbhoomi a visit, as it is worth spending hard-earned money over something of epic cultural heritage. 

To everyone who has read this article, RenTrip humbly greets them with “RADHE RADHE”.




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