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Beginners guide for Solo female Traveller


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Beginners guide for Solo female Traveller

22 Jan, 23

Shailza Singh

Beginners guide for Solo female Traveller

Solo travelling is a new trend in India. When travelling solo, you see the world differently. Today's generation prefers solo trips because they want freedom and independence. Being in control of your travel destination, budget and schedule allow you to make decisions based on your preferences and interests. However, it is challenging to plan as a group as everyone can't be free, and there are chances of cancellation. The greatest benefit of travelling solo is the freedom to explore and try new things without needing to wait for others.

Our Indian community still doesn't accept the term solo travel, especially when it comes to Female travellers. As per our Indian community, it is unsafe for a female to travel alone. So When a woman plans a journey alone, she is often met with inquiries and worry from those around her, leading to a lack of motivation and the eventual cancelling of the trip.

But let me tell you, travelling solo is a great way to find yourself, explore different cultures, and meet new people. It gives you the chance to challenge yourself, learn more about yourself, and gain a sense of independence and self-confidence. Additionally, it encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and try things you wouldn't do alone.

You can find your strength, and you will get to know new things about yourself and the world. You will gain a better understanding of different cultures and gain a unique perspective on life. Solo travel is an amazing opportunity to discover yourself and the world. Solo travel is a great way to break out of your comfort zone and experience personal growth, whether it be through learning a new language, trying new food, or taking on an adventure sport.

If you have a secret desire to travel alone, why not just take the plunge and make it happen? Pack your bags and go explore the world, find new places, and meet new people. You don't need anyone else to accompany you; you are capable of doing it all by yourself. Take a risk and go on an adventure that you can tell stories about for years to come. You'll never know what you can experience and accomplish until you try it. So, why not take the opportunity and go on your solo journey?


Following my heart, I recently completed my first Solo trip and realised it was not a big deal. You can also plan a solo trip perfectly with some precautions and simple tips.


Here I am sharing Travel tips which you can follow and have a memorable Solo Trip:



Pack Light:  
When travelling alone, it is best to carry only the essentials and the minimum amount of items possible. It is important to remember to always bring your identity cards, such as a passport or driver's license. Pack only the necessary clothing items for the length of your trip. It is also important to remember that whatever you choose to pack, you will have to carry it yourself. I suggest using a backpack instead of a suitcase because it is more convenient to carry.



Stay in Hostels:
Hotels can provide a comfortable and safe place to stay, but hostels can often be a better option for solo female travelers. Hostels are usually smaller and more intimate, making them a cozier and more secure environment. They typically have lower costs than hotels, making them more economical. Furthermore, hostels provide a great opportunity to meet other travelers, giving an opportunity to share travel ideas and experiences. This is especially beneficial for solo female travelers, as they can build friendship and support systems with other travelers.



Be Connected:

 When traveling alone, stay in touch with family and friends. Give them your stay information as well as your travel plans and contact details. Aim to check in with them daily so they can rest assured that you are safe. Also, share your location so your friends or family can reach you in an emergency.



Plan things in Advance: 

Before you go, research the destination and become familiar with local customs, laws, and safety concerns. This will help you make informed decisions about where to go and what to do. Always plan things in advance, like where to stay, what to visit, and what to do. When travelling solo, pre-plan your stays, tickets, activities, etc. If you plan correctly, there will be fewer chances of getting stuck anywhere. Also, Take your time and don't try to rush through everything in one day. Take time to explore and enjoy.


Make new Friends:

 When going solo on a trip, excursion, or adventure, you have the opportunity to meet new people, explore different cultures, and create lasting memories. You will also find Females of your interest. You can discuss and plan a trip, share your experience, and take more tips for a better travel plan.

You can also join a tour or fellow solo women travellers to explore different places safely. Be careful not to give out too much information. Share only what is necessary and avoid sharing personal details like where you live, your job, and contact information.



Be Prepared: 

I hope you have an incredible solo trip but always be prepared for the worst. Always pay attention to your surroundings and be aware of potential dangers. Trust your instincts and avoid isolated areas or situations that make you uncomfortable.

Always keep your phone fully charged and have a power bank for backup. Stay in well-lit, populated areas, avoid travelling alone at night, and avoid isolated areas. Also, be respectful of local culture by wearing more conservative clothing, blend in, and familiarize yourself with local laws and customs.

Be cautious using public transport:

 Always be careful when using public transport. Take care of your belongings when using public transport. Try to avoid using public transit late at night. Renting two or four-wheelers when you travel solo will be better and more convenient transport modes. You can travel at your convenience, and they are much more affordable than local public transport.

You can rent a two wheeler to roam around the city, or you can also rent a  self drive car on rent if you wish to explore with family and friends.



Connect with Locals:

 When travelling to different cities, learn basic phrases in the local language. English is widely spoken, but learning some local language can help people communicate and navigate more easily and also will enhance your language skills. Be respectful of local customs and traditions, and be open to learning and experiencing new cultures. 



In conclusion, female solo travel is a unique and rewarding experience that allows women to grow and discover themselves. Despite the challenges, the benefits of solo travel for women far outweigh any potential drawbacks. Solo travel will enable women to gain confidence, independence, and a new perspective on the world.

With the proper planning and safety precautions, solo travel can be a wonderful and enriching experience for women of all ages. Don't let fear hold you back from exploring the world on your own terms; you will never regret it.

So, Create a Travel bucket list and experience a solo Adventure next time!



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