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Some Best Places to visit in Manali


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Some Best Places to visit in Manali

26 Apr, 23

Savita Bansal

Some Best Places to visit in Manali

Manali is near Kullu town in Kullu district in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. This beautiful city of Himachal is mostly visited by many new couples and has tourists visiting the city all year round. Snow-covered terrains, lush green bounty mountains, and cascading waterfalls are the attractions of this beautiful hill station destination.

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The best time is from October to February to visit Manali. In the month of January, when the winters are at their peak, it is the best time for snowfall in Manali. This time the weather becomes very cold.

Most of the tourists go to Manali in the summer season because they want to see hill stations and spend summer vacations. You should not visit between July to September as it rains heavily during this season.

If you are in Manali, then you can prefer to wear layered winter outfits. Driving at night is most difficult in Manali.

The nearest airport is Kullu Bhuntar Airport. One can also travel by his own car, can take a car on rent or can even board a bus. 

Manali is an important hill station in India and is visited by thousands of tourists around the year. 

Manali is situated at 6398 ft in the Himalayas. 

Manali is known as the “Resort Town” of Himachal Pradesh. Manali is a paradise of nature. 

Manali is the main route for India and China in ancient times. 

Here are some places to visit in Manali.


1. Hidimba Temple



If you know about the epic Mahabharat, you must have heard the name of Bheema. This temple is dedicated to Hidimba Devi, the wife of Bheema. 

This temple was constructed by Maharaja Bahadur Singh in 1553.

Address- Old Manali. 

How to reach- the nearest airport is Kullu Manali Airport in Bhuntar. From the airport, you can hire a taxi.

The railway station nearest to the temple is Joginder Nagar railway station.

Best hotel to stay

  1. Hotel smugglers- 6 km from Hidimba Devi temple. Charge Rs. 2000 approx.
  2. The Himalayan- 2 km from Hidimba Devi temple. Charge Rs. 11500 approx.
  3. Shingar Regency- 600 m from Hidimba Devi temple and 1.9 km from Manali bus stand. Charge Rs. 3000 approx.
  4. Snow Peak Retreat & Cottages Manali- 3 km from Hidimba Devi temple. Charge Rs. 3000 approx.
  5. The Orchard Greens Resort- 6 km from Hidimba Devi temple.


2. Solang Valley



It is situated about 8400 ft above sea level. It is heaven for tourists; if you are interested in snow-based activities and sports, you have to visit this place.

Winters are the most favourable season to visit the valley.

Address – Burwa Manali.

How to reach

The airport nearest to the valley is Kullu Manali Airport in Bhuntar. 

By hiring a taxi, you will reach here in 2 to 2.5 hours. 

The nearest railway station is Joginder Nagar railway station.

Best hotel to stay

1. Sollang valley resort

2. Span resort and Spa


3. Jogini Waterfalls



Jogini is an important place in Manali, and you can enjoy many old shrines. You can also watch natural spot, which is one of the best trekking places in the waterfall.

Address – vanisheth village Manali.

4. Manu Temple



Manu Temple is an old temple situated at a distance of 3 km from Manali. Sage Manu Alaya was the one to whom this temple is dedicated, and one can find his mentions in ancient manuscripts. Earlier, he was known by the name of King Manu. 


How to reach

It is 3 km away from Manali. You can reach here on the walk.

The best time to visit the temple is April and June. 


5. Himalayan Nyingmapa Buddhist Temple



If you want to relax and remove the stress of your hectic life, you have to visit this temple. The peace and spirituality of this temple will allure you. You can offer prayer and admire the Sakyamuni idol. It is among the best monasteries in Manali. 


  • Address 

Near Manali Mall Road, Manali

  • Timings

6:00 AM to 7:00 PM every day.


6. Vashisth hot water spring and temple



This temple is made of wooden carvings, antique figures and paintings. It is unique because of hot springs, which have a healing effect.


  • Address

Vashisth Village, Manali 


7. Museum of Folk Art and Himachal Culture



If you are searching for old traditions and heritage of Manali, you have to visit here. This museum has a collection of masks used in festival dances, traditional garments and musical instruments.


  • Address

Utapia Complex, Hidimba Temple Road, Manali

  • Timings

3:00 AM to 7:00 PM

April to November 

10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

December to march 


8. Gulaba 



It is a mixture of different cultures and values. It is the favourite place for winter travellers who wish for some snowy landscapes. The village has some trekking routes in Himachal Pradesh. 

  • Address

20 km away from Manali


9. Old Manali



Old Manali is a quiet settlement that lies below a valley which has a huge coverage of apple orchards. There are fewer crowds. Old Manali is situated 3 km away from Manali town. Crossing over the bridge, you enter old Manali.


  • Some adventure sports in Manali

If you are brave and courageous and want to do some adventure activities, here are some adventure sports we are going to discuss.



      1. River rafting- fight gushing waters

If you are ready to take risks and wish to win the hard currents of water, you have to do river rafting. It is the most famous sport in Manali. It is not an easy task.


      2. Skiing- play around the snow.

Skiing is a sport in which you have to move over the snow with the use of a pair of long. Flat runners called a skit, attached on bound to shoes on boots. Skiing is a winter sports activity which includes sliding down snow-covered hills in the skies.


      3. Paragliding

If you have dreamt of flying in the sky, Paragliding is the best sports activity which will make your dream come true. It is a popular sport in Manali. It's planted on hills as high as 2000 measures above the ocean position. When the temperature ranges from 10 – 25 degree Celsius, the month of April is the best time for Paragliding.


      4. Downhill Cycling in Manali

If you want to enjoy both travelling and cycling, it is the best option for you to do downhill cycling. This visit gives you a cycle and helmet and shows you the way. When you are travelling, you can view excellent scenes in the area. You will also see forests, rich valleys, hill stations etc.


  • Laws for tourists in Manali

There are some rules and regulations for tourists in Manali which have to be followed while touring the city of snow. They are-

  1. Don’t throw waste in the mountains.
  2. Don’t throw plastic bottles.
  3. Don’t make a noise.
  4. Don’t pollute water.
  5. Don’t urinate on a river bank.


  • Language spoken

Hindi, English and Punjabi languages are spoken in Manali. Locally for everyday dealings, Kulluvi is spoken there.


  • Heritage and culture of Manali

People of Manali celebrate many festivals like- Dusshera, and Hidimba Devi Fair, which is celebrated in the spring season,

Doongri Forest Festival, Lossar Festival, which is celebrated to welcome the Tibetans.

Manali was the old neighbourhood of the Brahmin law authority.

This city of snow-covered mountains has got enriching lodging facilities for its visitors. It has amazing tour packages for your stay. A uniquity of this place is that it has many picturesque locations which have a craze among couples and is therefore visited by many of them every year.

You can even get customizable packages for this holiday destination at very affordable rates. Couples can even take bikes or scooters on rent for their trip if they wish to travel the city by themselves. 

The trip to this white mountaineering city will surely give you a plethora of memories.  


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