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7 Secrets to Let You Travel for Free


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7 Secrets to Let You Travel for Free

12 Jan, 19

Satyarth Singh

7 Secrets to Let You Travel for Free


Traveling is an exciting idea for most of us, isn’t it? So how about if we tell you that you can really roam for free and earn money to sustain a good living? Yes, it’s possible if you have a passion for traveling and have foolproof planning. In this blog post, we shall discuss the complete plan to become a professional traveler and enjoy roaming the world, without worrying for the expenses.

Sarcastically, most of the amateur travelers quit, as the expenditure on travel becomes too much at some point in time. Once they quit their passion, it just becomes a pastime. We know, following a passion is harder to sustain, but with right planning and effort, it’s not that hard. In other words, it’s actually very easy, with the right knowledge and planning.

So let’s jump into the surest ideas to travel for free.


1. Learn Photography Skills

Yes, this is the most essential thing that you want to do first. Buy a good quality camera from a reputed manufacturer like Nikon or Canon. Secondly, learn basic photography skills. Nowadays, there are numerous online as well as offline courses that can help you our learning the photography in a couple of months. Websites like Hubspot offer free learning on Photography. Once you are confident enough playing with colour, saturation, hue, lighting and other elements, it is better to have a basic understanding of photo editing.

Why it is important to have photography skills?

Important because in next steps we shall tell you how to use these images to sustain your traveling forever. If an image is not captured, you have no proof that you have ever visited an amazing place on earth ever. So the memories just remain confined to your brain cells only, which you don’t want.

And if the images are not great, they won’t help you promote on social media or blog.


2. Use Instagram

Instagram is the best place to showcase the people amazing images that you keep capturing and a great source of income for thousands of traveler like you. First, create an Instagram account and give your page a good, unique name that matches with the kind of traveling you do. Do a little exercise to find a good name for your Insta Page. Avoid using special characters in your Instagram username to get a Page Name easily.

Once your Instagram page is created, make it public so that anyone can see the amazing pictures you shall upload.

Now do hashtag research to find few trending hashtags. They shall help your posts getting reach. You can use 10 – 12 hashtags on each post with the description. Keep on reading this post as we shall tell you a hashtag secret that nobody tells you.

 Don’t overload your Instagram page with too many images. Ideally, you can post a few pics every week at some defined intervals. Also, don’t indulge in buying followers till you want robots to follow you.

You see that over the time your Instagram Page grows with followers. Keep interacting with your fans to have them connected with you. Now you can be an influencer for any genuine brand in return to support your travel.


3. Rent a Bike

Not just because it’s our job to promote bike rental, also because a penny saved is the penny earned for the next travel. Ideally, you need to explore the places at your own time and you also don’t want to be dependent on public conveyance which shall not help you discover amazing spots.

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4. Create A Travel Group

The journeys are best enjoyed with friends. Just find a travel buddy and you shall also be able to share the travel expenditure with him. Hotel, Bike, Fuel etc can be shared and this is really a great cost-saving technique.

Being in a group shall also help you tackle unwanted events like natural calamities, flat tyre if they come.


5. Start A Travel Blog

Blogging is known as one of the best techniques to monetize content. Nowadays, to start a blog, you just need to spend something around Rs 2500 – 3000. Let us see how

Buy a Domain – Find a domain for your blog. Don’t be scared by the word. A domain is actually the name of the blog website you are going to release. Godaddy offers domains at a very cheap price.


Find Hosting – On the next step, you need to buy a server space where your website shall live an shall be accessed by the world 24 x 7. A lot of companies offer the hosting with WordPress. Get a plan and you are ready to start WordPress blog.

Once you have written a great travel content for some amount of time, you shall see your blog is getting traffic. You can join any affiliate program on the internet or use Google Adsense to start making money from your travel blog.  

Secret: Try to share your own travel stories which get a lot of traction and traffic from the people.


6. Become a YouTuber

Everyone nowadays wants to become a YouTuber. But, what happens after you upload a few videos on YouTube? Your video gets a little or sometimes NO views (Not counting the video views from friends and family). So how to get views and finally, enough money.


So how to get more video views and finally monetize your YouTube channel

And here are the top secrets that shall help you get more video views on YouTube.

  • Create an eye catchy video title. People tend to click on your video seeing the video title itself.
  • Create longer videos than 15 minutes. This will help you get a more watch time and finally more engagement and views.
  • Videos should have a content that is connected to a few questions – How, What, Where and finally should be answered to your video title.
  • Having some human voice in a video is a great way to get more video views. Google’s voice search engines recognize this and this helps them understand the real content of your video.
  • Make sure what you say in the video, is what you write in the description.
  • Use tags to categorize your video.

So you see that using a Helmet cam just to let your viewers listen to the engine noise is the best way to let your video bury on the internet. If you really follow the tips given above, there is no way you can’t create a great YouTube Channel and finally monetize your channel enough.

Finally, allow YouTube to show ads on your videos and get a share of ad revenue into your bank account.


7. Get Sponsor for Your Travel

Getting a sponsor for your travel is another way most people look at in order to sustain continuous travel. You can either work for a travel company as an employee whose task is to travel and gather content. Nat Geo, Discovery Channel etc pay outstanding travelers just for traveling or photography.

Another way is to work as a freelancer and become an influencer for brands. To do this, you must have a great audience reach. We have already discussed with you the ways to build a great audience.


Finally, the Instagram secret of hashtags that we have promised to tell you at the beginning of this post.


STEP 1 -The hashtag strategy needs some homework. First, create a list of hashtags related to your page and content. Now write how many posts have been published.

STEP 2 - Now, sort out the hashtags that have posts between 20k – 40k. You don’t want your post to be lost in millions and also don’t want a fewer view.

STEP 3 – After a week, again write down the number of posts publisher against your list of tags. Now if a hashtag is getting more posts, it’s trending.

Finally, go with the trend.


Thanks for reading!


If you have questions, please write them in the comments box below and we shall be happy to answer them.


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