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5 Hill Stations around Bangalore to Visit on Bike


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5 Hill Stations around Bangalore to Visit on Bike

20 Jan, 22


5 Best Hill Stations Near Bangalore


Hill stations are always our top priority for vacations. You can witness the mesmerizing beauty and attraction of nature in Hill stations. Hill station bike trips are a dream for any rider. You can go on long bike trips and explore mother nature. These beautiful Hill stations of south India are rich with flora and fauna, dense forests, spice plantations and offer a perfect choice of road trip for nature lovers.

Bangalore is not just the IT Hub of India but a place of magnificent nature. During weekends, you may be searching for bike ride places near Bangalore, but maybe confused.

There you can enjoy the scenic beauty and ride on adventurous roads. Bike rides on such roads are a must-have experience for any biker. Here are the top hill stations around Bangalore for a solo bike ride. They offer great roads to drive and scenic beauty of the destinations






It's only 277 kilometres from Bangalore to the hill station, and it's well worth the visit. Because the climate in Chikmagalur is nice at all times of the year, you may visit at any time of the year.

Chikmagalur is one of Karnataka's most attractive hill stations, located in the foothills of the Mullayanagiri range. The region is renowned as the 'Coffee Land of Karnataka.' Chikmagalur is located at an elevation of 3,400 feet and is surrounded by beautiful tea and coffee plantations.

Beautiful monuments, waterfalls, temples, and natural beauty abound in this tranquil hill station. It's another great spot to cure the summertime blues! If you enjoy hiking, this location has a lot to offer. You may ride your bike to Chikmagalur while taking in the beauty.






This hill station is located on the outskirts of Salem, Tamil Nadu, some 270 kilometres from Bangalore. At an elevation of 1515 metres above sea level, the station is located. Because it is located inside the Shevaroy range of hills in the Eastern Ghats, the beautiful hills are also known as Shevaroy Hills. The biggest tourist attraction in the city center is the lake, which is a terrific place to chill and rest.

This weekend location in Tamil Nadu has everything that a perfect retreat should have: lush landscapes, foggy hilltops, fresh breezes, and a deep experience. Nature enthusiasts, hikers, and explorers will appreciate Yercaud. You may have a wonderful bike ride through the gorgeous landscapes and up the high slopes.




Horsey Hills

Image Source: Flickr

Kalpetta is the capital of Wayanad, a minor district in Kerala. The severity of the surrounding Western Ghats, located 275 kilometres from Bangalore, contributes to Wayanad's beautiful beauty. On a weekend trip from Bangalore, one may visit several great tourist destinations in Wayanad. Some of Wayanad's most popular attractions are Sentinel Rock Falls, Kanthanpara Falls, and Pookot Lake.

The charm of this hill station in God's nation is complemented by lush green forests and deep valleys. You'll pass through three national parks on your way from Bangalore: Nagarhole, Bandipur, and Mudumalai. Wayanad will keep you on the lookout for new things to see and do. Wayanad is ideal for a quick weekend trip. 


Horsley Hills


Horsey Hills


Horsley Hills is a noteworthy hill hideaway due to its lush richness. Horsley Hills is located in Andhra Pradesh, near the Karnataka border. Banglore is 150 kilometres from the Hills. It is one of the best places around Bangalore for a bike ride.

At Horsley Hills, you'll have plenty of opportunities to chill and fight the summer heat. These hills, which are at a height of 1290 meters, are home to a variety of wildlife and birds.

People come to this hill station for the spectacular vistas, amazing food, as well as pleasant weather. Horsley Hills is the ideal location for some good old trekking and a long drive, in addition to being a serene refuge of nature. Elephant rides, rope sliding, zorbing, shooting bow and arrow, and a fish massage are also available.


BR Hills 


BR Hills


The BR Hills, also known as Biligirirangana Hills, is around 170 kilometers from Bangalore. BR Hills is a popular weekend getaway destination near Bangalore. If you are interested in history and wildlife, visit the Biligiriranga Swamy Temple and the Biligiriranga Wildlife Sanctuary. BR Hills has a lot of interesting attractions to see, exciting sports to participate in, and some very homey places to stay while you're there.

This series of hills serve as a divine power crossing for the Eastern and Western Ghats, providing a plethora of jungle adventures and sports. Anyone else who likes being in direct range to nature would adore this location!

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