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Top 10 Places to Enjoy a Boat House Trip


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Top 10 Places to Enjoy a Boat House Trip

22 Oct, 18

Angana Dutta


How many of you thinking an amazing night spending in a boat gazing at the skyline! You are exciting right! It is a thrilling experience to sit and relax in a while and at the same floating in a river feeling the cool breeze from the riverside. Okay, if you think it is very expensive then you are not quite right here. The houseboats are affordable and provide a unique experience for the first time sailing through the river and sit has all the consequences of a luxury hotel. And the houseboats are maintained in good conditions and come in varying stages. Like, you can get queen-sized beds, hot tubs, water slides, glass showers, etc. You can add up your personal hobbies and some extra fun to your journey.


1. Backwater Houseboat, Kerala

In Kerala, the term Kettuvallam is used to describe a houseboat. These are popular in Kerala and tourist also enjoys the facilities. The houseboats have all the amenities cozy living rooms, kitchen and balcony for angling. Alappuzha Kollam and Kumarakom are the houseboats in Kerala which are resided in Vembanad Lake and Ashtamudi Lake.  The Boathouse packages are tagged as a journey to discover the natural spirit and tune with the scenery. The backwaters of Kerala are defined by the myriad lakes which is a center of attraction for the tourist. Although there are a variety of options to pick from the boats and the services. It is a way of knowing the enthralling beauty of the land.


2. Alfresco Grand, Assam

Alfresco Grand was first started in the year 1998 on the mighty river the Brahmaputra. The cruise cum restaurant cum bar starts from Guwahati and takes you to an astonishing tour of Maa Kamakhya temple, Sualkushi, Pabitara Wildlife Sanctuary. The beauty and glory of the mighty river Brahmaputra can be felt with this wonderful trip.


3. Sundarban Houseboat

Sundarban is among the most beautiful of the earth. The landscape, the scenery, the natural resources –everything worth to watch. While experiencing the boathouse one could find the never-ending natural sceneries just at their front like a dream. Although it is World’s largest Mangrove forest. And just recently luxury air-conditioned and well-maintained houseboats services have been added in Sundarban with fine facilities and of course, the pleasant trip will surprise with the enormous natural treasure the place stores and secured.  And it is also the World’s first wildlife safari in a houseboat. Exciting, right!   


4. Dal Lake Houseboat, J&K

Have you ever think of those romantic evenings when you are travelling along the Dal Lake and viewing the Great Himalayas right in front of you.  Not only the medieval splendid artworks but also the natural atmosphere will surely transcend your mind. The houseboats are cozy and comfortable with idyllic retreat. They have special suits with Kashmiri style. The houseboats are the major attraction of tourist in Shrinagar


5. Houseboat Cruise, Goa

This one will be the most exciting moment of your life. Goa is a perfect gateway of your holiday and if you are into some amazing ride then the houseboats are the cherry on the top of your trip. The aesthetic view of the temples and churches doting the river also gives a reflection of the history. And who will not like a heavenly ambiance of a starry night when sailing down the meandering backwaters of Goa Rivers.


6. Udupi Houseboat, Karnataka

The Houseboat at Udupi is the major attraction of tourists. This is the only backwater property which is introduced at Swarna River in coastal Karnataka. A sailing holiday on the backwater with the cruises is perhaps the most enchanting thing you will gonna experience in the trip. The luxurious Houseboats are as cozy and homely and organized with the amenities and facilities you need.


7. Chunnamber Houseboat, Pondicherry

Chunnamber Boathouse is an ideal place for boating and for the picnic. It is perfect for family quality time. The boathouse offers a range of fun and many entertainment options like trekking, boat trips, beach games, etc etc. the boating options include motorboats, speedboats, sailboats, rowed boats, water scooters, paddled boats. It is the finest houseboats in Pondicherry. It serves in two styles the French style rooms and the traditional style.


8. Konaseema Houseboat, Andhra Pradesh

This houseboat is surrounded by the Godavari River and the Bay of Bangle. You can visit Sivakodu Lanka, an island in the middle of the river and have a great time with family and friends. The houseboats are well maintained and luxurious.


9. Tarkarli Houseboat, Maharastra

The houseboats of that region are introduced by MTDC and known after Savitri Sindhukany and Karli. The scenic beauty and serene location when sailing in the river will provide an adhering beauty to the trip.


10. Houseboat day cruise, Kochi

The houseboat of Kochi on the Vembanad Lake is a mesmerizing trip you must visit. This day cruise will show the meandering streams and daily activities of the people living alongside the serene and green valley. The houseboats will delight you with their local cuisine with their traditional flavour and it will surely enlighten your mind.


Hungry for a trip sailing through the river!


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