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Best Places for Shopping in Goa


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Best Places for Shopping in Goa

07 Aug, 23

Savita Bansal

Best Places for Shopping in Goa

It's a shopaholics alert!

Goa, one of the most beautiful beach paradise, is undoubtedly stunning. Many say it's only for party fanatics. Some say it's a place for nature lovers. The debate is infinite with no end, but do not stop here. Shop with me on your next trip to Goa. The state provides many things, like calm sunsets, surfing and shopping. There are many markets in Goa which offer various types of items.

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Here is the list of some ultimate shopping destinations in Goa.

1. Anjuna Beach Flea Market



It is situated at Anjuna Beach, North Goa. It provides jewellery, funky clothes, home décor and Souvenirs. This market is held every Wednesday in Anjuna Beach. The weekly market gets visitors with distinctive needs. Some want to buy here Indian spices, handicrafts, footwear and musical instruments, and some are in search of clothing, accessories, home decor and many more. You can also bargain here for a reasonable price. The market also has a number of food stalls and eateries. You can get here snacks, fresh juices and street food. You are also suggested to be polite and humble towards vendors and other visitors. If you want to shop without hustle, you should come during the early morning hours as the market gets crowded by midday.

2. Saturday Night Market Goa



It is situated in Arpor Goa. You can buy popular things here, like clothes, rugs, handbags, handicrafts, paintings, jewellery, accessories, shoes, books, precious stones, etc. This is one of the most attractive markets in Goa. It is not only a shopping place but also an entertainment hub. You can enjoy music, dance shows, cultural displays, etc. Here you can find a great atmosphere for shopping as well as entertainment. You can also enjoy food and drinks. You can shop for items like snacks, street food, drinks and many more. The market attracts both locals and tourists. The atmosphere of the market is vibrant and sightseeing. People with peculiar needs come here to shop.

3. Mapusa Friday Market Goa



It is situated in Mapusa Municipal Market, Goa. You can buy clothes, textiles, fruits and vegetables, handicrafts, jewellery, bags, accessories, etc. The market offers a glimpse into the authentic Goan way of life and culture. The market is mainly crowded on Friday but is opened on all weekdays. It also provides food like goan snacks, sweets and street food, etc. You can also purchase a packet of cashew nuts, a bottle of fenny, and goan sweets like Dobolla, Chana, Doce or bebinca from this market. It opens from 8:00 AM till 6:30 PM.

4. Panjim Municipal Market Goa



It is situated in Panaji, Goa. The market provides groceries, handicrafts, knickknacks, cashew nuts, furniture, home décor, jewellery, accessories and many other items. This place is a hub for all individual needs. And you can purchase here your desired item at a very nominal cost. The market also has food items. The market is also notorious for its spice stalls. You can enjoy the movie show as well.

5. Calangute Market Square Goa



It is situated near Calangute Beach. You can buy most of the items of your daily life requirement, like clothes, metal crafts, trinkets, embroidery carpets, souvenirs, leather products, trendiest beach wear etc. If you are tired of shopping, you can also visit some hotels and restaurants to take food and relax. You can also try local goan dishes, street food and drinks. The market always remains busy, especially during the tourist season. You are advised to be vigilant of the pickpocketers as they may mug your utilities. You can buy swimwear, hats, sunglasses and other beach-related items. You can reach here from other popular areas in North Goa, Baga Candolim and Anjuna.

6. Mackie’s Night Bazaar



It is situated in Arpora. You can find here every type of stall. You can also get clothes, home décor, handicrafts, souvenirs, carpets, leather products, etc. The market always remains busy. It is the place for daily needs shopaholics. You can also visit hotels and restaurants nearby, where you can take exclusively curated cuisines in a relaxing ambience.

7. Tibetan Market Baga Road



It is situated near Baga Beach. It is one of the most popular Tibetan markets in Goa. You can get clothes, shoes, steel products, trinkets and many more to fulfil your needs. The most prominent attraction of the market is Tibetan handmade products. You can also visit hotels and cafes where you can eat food and rest. It is one of the best attractive markets for locals and tourists. It opens from 9:30 AM to 10:30 PM every day.

8. Ashwem beach market



It is situated in Mandrem Goa. Ashwem Beach market provide all type of items like designer clothes, silk kimonos bags, shoes, handmade Bohemian jewellery, footwear, accessories, etc. Here you can find both national and international entities. You can find exclusive food stalls and snacks, Goan delicacies, etc. Ashwem beach market offers live music performances and other entertainment. The market on the beach, enjoys the beautiful sunset while you shop or relax eating and drinking.

9. Coco Roots Anjuna



It is situated near Anjuna Mapusa Road, Goa. You can find necklaces, earrings, nose pins, ear gauges, finger rings, wood, and horn here. The market is famous for its coconut and natural materials. You can also get coconut oil, coconut shell crafts, coconut-based snacks and coconut water, etc.

10. Ingo’s Saturday Night Bazaar



It is situated in Arpora Goa. There are many items available here, like footwear, home decor, spices, handicrafts, printed garments, bedspreads, carpet, design clothes and accessories. The market is held every Saturday. Night Bazaar is one of the best places for shopping. The market always remains busy with locals and tourists. If you want to eat some food and relax, some famous hotels and restaurants exist.

11. Baga Market



This market is situated on Baga Beach, North Goa. The main attraction of this market is jewellery, which you buy at a very cheap price. Besides this, you can also find trinkets, brewed coffee, beachside salons, tarot card readers and many other items from here. Water sports are also available in this market, including parasailing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, kite surfing, jet skiing, etc. A number of different shops and stores offer their tourists many items, mostly handmade by the local people.

12. MMC Market



MMC Market is situated in Margao, Goa. The market provides bakery products, herbs, spices, groceries, shoes, cosmetics, bags and stationeries. It is also known as the Gandhi Market. You can purchase all the items at very reasonable prices. This place is very famous for its rich spices. This market remains bustling all day. If you want to find everything in one place, the MMC market is the best place to suit your requirement. Parking may be a problem here because there is no particular parking area available. There are many good juice centres too. It’s also called the Mall of South Goa. Existing with narrow lanes, you can get everything here.


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