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Are There any Budget Bike in the Market to be Used for Tours in India with 1.5L Max?


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Are There any Budget Bike in the Market to be Used for Tours in India with 1.5L Max?

31 May, 24

Shriyansh Garg

Are There Any Budget Bike in the Market That Can be Used for Tours in India with 1.5L max Budget ?

Travelling is beyond the meaning that has been presided over in recent years, and it is important to understand that the will to move ahead and explore stems from passion and a relentless need for exploration. Over the years, the notion that travelling and exploring can only be done on expensive bikes has been spoon-fed to us through popular media outlets, and often, travellers and explorers fall for the notion that only an expensive bike would be able to provide them with the ability to travel freely. 

With this article, we will try our best to help you overcome all such myths and explore the destinations you have always dreamed of with ease and within your budget. We will discuss and explain all the bikes that a person can buy under 1.5 lakhs that would be the best companions in travelling and exploring.

We have picked these bikes based on detailed reviews of the riders who have been on some of India's toughest rides. Hence, such a list would help you choose the best bike for your budget and travel freely without any challenges or issues. We have tried to bring in bikes that are under 1.5 lakhs, but the on-road prices of the bikes are highly erratic as there are substantial tax differences between different states. Hence try and keep your budget a bit flexible for better choice among these vehicles. 

Most of the bikes that we have chosen are those that provide the rider with an upright position for easy riding, we have not considered fully faired bikes as they are not meant for long travelling sessions. Most of the bikes on our list are street fighters or adventure bikes, and they are primarily under 200cc. You can now easily leave on an adventure with all the bikes that have been included in the list.  Here are some of the options that you can choose from when planning to opt for a brand-new motorcycle. 

Royal Enfield Hunter 350 

Over the years, Royal Enfield has been able to prosper under the image of being a manufacturer that still produces old engines and puts them in bikes that had no place in the modern world. Recently, however, the brand has been able to walk away from its image and bring in some new, truly advanced bikes that can easily tackle the rising competition in the market. The Hunter 350 is one of them. The bike offers everything that the youth of today look for when choosing a bike. Modern instrument cluster, retro-modern styling, a fruity exhaust note and an engine that is way easier to maintain than the old engines that the company was producing. The 350 cc engine churns out 20.2 Bhp at 6100 bhp with a torque figure of about 27nm at 4000 rpm. And that would be enough get-go power to climb up any mountains that might befall in your way. With such serious power, the brand has also taken care of braking with a single Channel ABS system included with the bike. The Front Rotor brake size is about 300mm, and the rear brakes are drum brakes.

Royal Enfield Hunter 350


While we have already talked about all the specific merits of having the bike, here are a few negatives that we have been able to discover through the pool of riders we serve. 

  • Tubed Tyres- Just like every other Royal Enfield product, this bike also comes with tubed tyres, which are a big hassle when touring. Tyre punctures are an inherent part of Indian roads and imagine trying to get a mechanic to pull off your tyres every time you go through a puncture. Because of tubes, no mechanic can repair the punctures easily from the outside, and hence, if you plan to buy this bike, also invest in a battery-operated air compressor so that in case of punctures, you can easily use the pump to inflate tyres until the next petrol station or where a fix might be available. 
  • Due to the modern styling, the bike now has a very steep rake upfront, which upsets the handling. Often, riders complain of a far too light handle that wobbles under stress. The rear end is said to be stiff as well, so those long rides that you are planning might turn out to be a chore as well.
  • With advancements in engines and frames, Royal Enfield has been able to curtail the vibrations in its bikes that it was famous for, but compared to other bikes, the bike still showcases vibration issues at higher RPMs, especially in rearview mirrors.
  • The tank is  13 Liters, with acclaimed riders pledging a range of about 400 km's.
  • Riders have consistently complained of a stiff ride with this vehicle, especially the pillion ride. 

TVS Ronin 

Consider this bike to be TVS's latest foray into the adventure biking sector. As it appears on paper its evident that TVS has tried pretty hard to tick all the boxes that make the bike a great adventure tourer. The bike is powered by a 225.9cc engine that puts out a power figure of about 20 bhp and a torque figure of about 19.93 nm. The bikes also come with a dual-channel ABS system, but only in certain models. The bike has upside-down forks upfront, which makes it easy to handle in everyday traffic. Asper Arai the mileage number has been about 42 kmpl. 


TVS Ronin ( RenTrip)

Apart from the specs the owners have faced these problems with the Ronin. 

  • One of the issues that all riders have reported from the vehicle has been that of sluggish performance, the bike does not accelerate from the get-go quite like other bikes in the category. 
  • The rake angle is a issue as it makes U-turns and other manoeuvres on the road a little difficult. 
  • Lack of 6th gear, which further makes it hard to ride beyond the speeds of 95km. beyond 95 the bikes take time to go faster. 
  • As per the reviews, the fit and finish of the bike could have been a little better, and as per the review of a rider, the bike is said to have a balancing problem in which the bike pulls to the left when accelerated.  
  • The lack of 6th gear can make it a dull prospective vehicle for a rider who mainly does highway rides. 

Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 

In the Indian markets, Bajaj has been synonymous with quality and trust; this has been a result of the profound success of Bajaj Chetak, a scooter that brought easy mobility to the masses of India. But over the years, the brand has walked away from its previous image and become a, even more successful manufacturer with its pulsar lineup. In essence, the pulsar lineup is meant for the youth, who have a relentless spirit for adventure and consider the NS 200 4V to be their most prolific bike for touring purposes, apart from the Avenger 220, which has been discontinued. Anyone planning to ride a bike for touring purposes should consider the Bajaj Ns 200 with the dual channel ABS system, as ABS is a must-have when travelling on long trips. It's possible that you might have to step a little beyond your budget, but the decision would be well worth it In the long run. 

Bjaj Ns 200 ( RenTrip)

This has to be one of the best bikes in the category for those who want a product from a renowned brand with an expansive service centre network and economic repairs. As Bajaj, when compared to other manufacturers, is still easy to maintain. Ns 200 is powered by a 199.5 cc engine that churns out about 24.5 PS of power at 9750 rpm and 18.74nm of torque at 8000 rpm. Although the bike does not have a Bluetooth-enabled instrument cluster, but that should not be a turn-off for anyone. The new advancements such as the upside-down forks and further styling changes have further reduced the vibrations to persist only in the footpegs, the bike is one of the best choices for anyone considering a touring companion under 1.5 lakhs. As per popular reviews the styling has been considered to be dated, but beyond that, the bike could be a perfect choice for users. 

Negatives as found by users after considerable riding 

  • Turning Radius of the bike is pretty horrendous.
  • The bike is aggressive to ride, pulls nicely over 6k rpm and hence should not be considered by someone looking for an easy-going cruiser.
  • The styling has not changed much with time 
  • Select the dual channel abs option while purchasing.

Hero Xpluse 200, 4V

There could not have been a better alternative for all your adventure biking needs than the Hero Xpulse 200, 4v. the design, as well as the stock suspension, complement the use of the vehicle for adventure biking and touring. The vehicle has pretty good specs and is powered by a 199.6 cc engine that churns out about 18.9 BHP at 8500 Rpm and a torque figure of about 17.35nm at 6500 rpm. Beyond this, the bike comes in stock with Single-channel ABS and has both front and rear disc brakes. For riders, the bike has gained a cult following and with a plethora of modification accessories the bike can further be modified as per the needs of the rider. 

Hero Xpulse 200 4v ( RenTrip)

The bike performs well for long-distance touring, providing the rider with comfort and the ability to easily ride through any rough road patches that might befall them while travelling. This could be one of the best choices for customers who require a vehicle that can easily ride through the toughest terrain and can also be used for daily riding. 

Here are a few negatives of the bike as have been reported by users 

  • The illumination from the headlamp is not that good. 
  • Seating height is pretty high up, and hence, for short people, the bike could be pretty uncomfortable. 
  • Lack of torque in lower end rpm's
  • While riding slowly, the long travel suspension acts weirdly.
  • As per users, the throttle response under 30km/h was a bit sluggish. 
  • Tubed tyres- Although spoked tyres are the best for off-roading purposes but, their presence denotes the possibility of tubed tyres that are a chore to fix on the road. Tubed tyres can cause a bit of a hassle on long tours, but it's a small reason to not consider the Xpulse as an alternative. You can always buy a battery-powered air pump when your bike has tubed tyres while going out on a trip. 
  • The bike performs well, but at a slow speed, the suspension is hyperactive in absorbing all the bumps and crevices of the road.
  • The cone sets that the bikes come with require frequent adjusting. 

Honda CB 200X

The Honda CB 200X is based on the Honda Hornet 200 in terms of specs and other performance stats, and the bike is exactly similar to the Hornet. Hence, you can consider the vehicle to only be a hornet in a new, more adventurous-appearing fairing. The bike is powered by a 184.4 cc engine that produces 17.09 bhp at 8500 rpm and 15.9 Nm Torque at 6000 rpm. The motorcycle has upside-down forks, which help with handling and riding within the city. The bike also comes with front and rear disc brakes that provide good braking performance. The bike lacks any considerable advancement over the normal Honda Hornet 2.0, the bike only has a long travel suspension and smaller pillion seat space. 

Hinda CB 200 X ( RenTrip)Cons as per users of the bike 

  • Limited capability as an off-roader
  • Only a dressed-up CB Hornet from Honda.

When Considering Second-Hand Bikes

This could be another avenue you can explore while planning to buy a bike for adventure touring. You can easily find better-performing bikes with better specs; all you have to do is be vigilant about what you are buying. Here are a few of the best alternatives that you can easily choose from while buying the bike. 

Himalayan – 

You would have to be vigilant while buying one of the most renowned bikes in the adventure touring genre, but it would be a great deal if you can find one under 2,00,000 or around 1,50,000. At this price, the bike makes sense. While purchasing the bike, ensure that you check the clutch's health. Early Himalayas suffer from chronic wiring issues, so you should carry a multimeter with you and check the continuity of the wiring at different terminals. 

Royal Enfield Himalayan

If possible, check the vehicle properly. Try taking a comprehensive ride to see how the bike performs under stress. Check the engine and engine sump for any leakage. Get the bike only after such thorough checks. 

KTM Duke 390 Adventure –

The Duke 390 adventure would be challenging to find under the budget we are working with, but if you find one, it would be worth it. In most scenarios, check the bike thoroughly and ask for permission to get the bike inspected at the KTM dealership, as the bike comes with pretty complex electronics and would be hard to manage if any sensors or electronics turned out to be faulty.

KTM DUKE 390- Adventure

Consider the bike only if it performs well and also check the radiator and coolant reservoir thoroughly for any leaks before purchasing the bike. 

Kawasaki Versys-X 300

The Versys would be a unicorn to behold, it would be hard to find one in the second-hand market, and even if you find one, the pricing might be an issue. We would advise that even if you find one, try to get a bargain on the bike and check and examine thoroughly to ensure that none of the complex electronics that come from Kawasaki are up to the mark. 

Kawasaki Versys 300

Try to check the continuity of the electronics with the help of a multimeter, check the battery health on a cold start, and inspect the tyres, brake pads, clutch and engine health to ensure that the vehicle is fit for use. If you want to choose this bike, it would be better if you went to Kawasaki second-hand retail, as it would be easier to chase this bike with their support. 

Overall, it's possible that you might want to take a trip and enjoy the freedom of being on two wheels without committing to a single-vehicle purchase; we can help you in such a endeavour. With RenTrip, you can easily rent any bikes or cars that take your fancy. With our easy-to-rent vehicles and 24/7 customer support, you can easily rent any vehicle that you like. So why commit to a single vehicle when you can easily enjoy the benefits of easy renting and riding? Download our application today. 


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