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A Safer way To Travel in Current Pandemic


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A Safer way To Travel in Current Pandemic

01 Aug, 20

Shubham Singh

India is one of the most populated countries in the world next to China and it is estimated that we will surpass china's population soon. During the current Pandemic situation, it was predicted that Covid-19 affects India more than any country because of the low standard of living and less awareness.

But we have proved them wrong, though we have now 3rd in most Covid-19 cases our recovery rate is at par. It has affected India's economy deeply and because of the same most of the companies have laid off their employees.

The most affected sectors are small-scale and medium scales businesses, mainly start-ups. Most of the start-ups have been shut down because of low cash flow. There is a major impact on the tourism sector as well and it will take more than a year to recover from that loss.

Since unlock 1.0 has been started in India and offices are getting back to normal. Should be we using public transport?

Is Travelling by public Transport is safe?

Though the War with covid-19 hasn't been over yet we need to continue our day-to-day work for our livelihood as offices are opening again and maintaining social distancing is a must for our safety. While using Public Transport maintaining social distancing is much of a difficult task. So, there are few things we need to take care of while using while going out and some alternatives to Public Transport to have a safer commute.

1.Try to Wear Face Mask always

It is necessary to cover up your with a Face mask or face shield as it will reduce the chances of Covid-19 being transmitted because as Per Doctors its has been told that Covid-19 mostly enter our body either through the mouth or our nose and it is found that covering your face is by far the best solution to avoid getting transmitted through Covid-19 in public areas.

2. Carry a Hand Sanitizer

Face mask can protect your face and can help avoid getting viruses transmitted through the air but when you are in public areas there are high chances that your hands may get in contact with public areas where the virus can be present as it stays longer on the surfaces. It may even be transmitted through the money you count if it has been in contact with a Covid-19 positive person. So it's necessary to use sanitiser every time your hands before eating something and avoid touching your face without sanitizing as there won’t be any soap or water with your every time in public places.

3. NAMASTE is the New HELLO

Offices are open now and you will see familiar faces again and it's natural to shake hands or hug your friends but you never know where the other person has been in contact with, He/she may be carrying Covid-19 with them. so, the better alternative is our traditional approach is today "Namaste" which now has been followed and appreciated all over the world and for Greeting people Hello has been an old Fashion. NAMASTE is Our New HELLO.

4. Bike Rentals An alternative to a Safer Public Transport

As everything is opening now from going offices to going out to buy something the major issue is travelling outside while using public transport as it will be very risky. Even after taking all the precautions using public transport is risky as the virus stays on the surface for a longer period of time and there is a possibility of getting in contact with more people using public transport. Using public transport such as metro, auto rikshaw, or even Ola, Uber you are highly vulnerable to the virus.

So, Is there any safer way to commute? Yes, there are the Self-Ride bikes and scooters on Rent.
Is it affordable? It totally depends upon which company do you hire from. The best option available right now in pan India is Rentrip Bike & scooter rental and they have also introduced an affordable monthly rental scooter to help us fight with covid-19 and bring it back to its normal. They have cut down Up to 70% of the rental amount in their long-term pandemic plan with No KM limit.

Their services are available in 50+ cities covering all major cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi NCR, etc. They also provide vehicles for shorter periods of time as well. They work on an hourly, daily weekly, and monthly basis, and the best part is all the vehicles are well sanitized. All you need is a driving license to rent the vehicle and use the safer commute for travelling without worrying much.

We are providing various offers for renting a bike in Jaipur. So what you are waiting for? Embark on a safer self-drive ride today.


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