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If you had all the money in the world, which place would you visit first?


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If you had all the money in the world, which place would you visit first?

29 Mar, 19

Suraj Jain


So, this article is pure fiction, but if I had all the money in the world, I would like to visit the city of dream Bangalore. My heart says to me every time there is something for me in Bangalore. This city of the dream always encourages me to work hard so that I can visit it at least in a lifetime.

Though everyone has his own reasons to travel, mine was to go to Bangalore to learn about its working culture, lifestyle, and education. As I am an enthusiastic road traveller, I will bike hire here and explore all the unexplored places.

Here are my reasons why I choose Bangalore?

  1. Because it’s Bangalore: Bangalore is the only one in this world which overfilled with so many beautiful places, innovations, and productivity. You won’t believe in your eyes when you visit the night lights of this city. It’s truly eye appealing. You can also book cheap bike rental and ride your bike in the streets of Bangalore.
  2. Bangalore Palace: I am a big fan of Bangalore Palace. Though it is an overcrowded place it is the best place to enjoy yourself with your squad. You can book a scooter rental and ride it on the street. It’s worth of time to visit Bangalore Palace.
  3. New year in Bangalore: Decoration in Bangalore at the time of Christmas and New year is unbelievable. Every street in this city is decorated with balloons, trees, chocolates, people are dancing and loving each other. All in all, it gives you a great experience that you will not get from any other place.
  4. Road trip in Bangalore: If you tried up from the old weekends, just rent a motorbike from the Rentrip in Bangalore and take a road trip. There are so many jaw-dropping places to experience Bangalore City.

Final Say:

There are many things that approach me to come to Bangalore when I get enough money. One of the important things I will definitely do is book cheap bike rental and explore all nearby cities of Bangalore.


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