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Top 10 Bike Road Trip Essentials


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Top 10 Bike Road Trip Essentials

08 Feb, 22


Bike Road Trip Checklist for India


We all want to have safe biking, but there is something that is overlooked by the riders most of the time. This article is technical in nature and this is one of the aspects we shall want to bring out.


1. Reliability




Perhaps the most important aspect of the Bike and often overlooked by riders. Reliability can be said as the ability of your Bike to resist failure. Imagine if you take your Bike for a Laddakh tour and any component of it fails on the way leaving you stranded on a secluded highway, you can’t resist cursing your choice.

It is easy to tackle when you are in the city but take it of the highest importance when choosing the Bike for long journeys. It is not advisable often to select a newly launched Bike for longer tours as the Reliability is not known over a period of time. 


2. Engine Power


Engine Power


Why care for engine power? Don’t understand the weird BHP thing they give to boost their sales? Most of us often look at CC or Cubic Capacity of the engine to arrive at the conclusion of how much power the Bike will deliver which is only half true. BHP or Brake Horse Power is the resultant power delivered by the engine which is only the energy that is going to take us ahead! Let us see in more detail-


Where BHP means Brake Horse Power, IHP is Indicated Horse Power (Total power produced by the engine), and FHP      (Friction owing to rubbing of internal parts inside the engine) is Frictional Horse Power.

Now you understand the power. How to select how much power I need for my tour? Answer: It depends. You need to ask yourself: Am I going to ride uphill? Are there off-road conditions between the route? Bikes that need to be driven on these conditions require more power than the Bikes subjected to plain and rosy roads.


3. Stability




Again neglected by many of the riders often. Stability is the essential feature of the Bike that makes you able to ride your Bike. The more the bike is stable, the less fatigue you feel while driving. Engineers define it from the CG (Centre of Gravity) point of view. As a thumb rule Bikes heavy in weight and size are considered more stable than their lighter counterparts. 


4. Fuel Capacity


Fuel Capacity


Check how much your Bike can carry the fuel in its tank. You will be surprised to know that most of the Road Side Assistance demand comes due to empty fuel on the way. Calculate the total miles you will cover on one go with a full tank. Keep the fuel station data with you before starting the trip.

Some tracks like Laddakh need riders to carry extra fuel as there is no filling station on the way after Manali. You must anticipate your fuel requirements. Ask your rental agency to provide a custom larger tank if possible. There are extra charges, of course! 


5. Mileage




It is all about the mileage we think about before buying any vehicle in India. Right? But here we are not concerned about that. You just need to check what mileage your Bike delivering in order to accurately anticipate your fuel requirements. Don’t rent a Bike that is giving too little mileage than it should as it may be the warning of a failure on the way. I am sure none of you wants to dial RSA during your amazing trip. 

Check bike rentals in Varanasi or in any city you like for the best mileage delivering bikes.


6. Comfort




Do you feel tired after riding a few miles? If the answer is yes, please change your Bike. You should clearly stay away from the Bike which is sick of too many vibrations, noise, abnormal smoke from the exhaust pipe, or having insufficient stability. All these factors may pose your spine to considerable discomfort, especially during longer rides. 


7. Luggage Carrying Capacity




The Bike should have sufficient provisions to carry the luggage as per your requirements. You can choose to have some extra accessories for your luggage requirements. Ask your rental agency if they provide custom luggage provisions for the Bike you selected. If you need to tie your luggage, tie in a cross pattern to keep it stable while you enjoy riding. 


8. Tyres




Another very important aspect. Tyres provide the Bike a kind of grip when you apply the brake or take turns. You must check the tyres thoroughly against some common defects. It should not be completely worn out. (If you can’t see the Tread, it is to be changed) Apart from wear, tyres are to be checked against cuts, bulging, and cracks. If everything looks good, go ahead.


9. Off-Road Capability


Off-Road Bike Trip


Check if you are going to have bumpy rides. Normally Bikes with long shock absorbers and robust tyres are considered best to drive over bumpy terrains. It is not necessary to take a pure Off-Road Bike, but look out for these features while you select the bike for your tour.


10. Legal Requirements


Legal Or Illegal


Check for your Driving Licence. Are letters visible? Are you authorized to drive the kind of bike you are going to drive? Check for the expiry of Registration Certificate, Insurance, and Pollution Test documents. And most importantly, the engine and chassis number mentioned on the documents must match with as given in the documents.


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