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Reasons To Rent Bike From RenTrip


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Reasons To Rent Bike From RenTrip

27 Mar, 18

Agam Raghav

You may be wondering why we say this but there are reasons you should rent a bike from RenTrip as

Largest Bike Rental -

We are the Largest Bike Rental in India with more than 220 dealers in 45+ cities. We have earned many awards in the industry for our professional approach and personalized services on motorcycle rentals.

Peace Of Mind -

You shall always rent a bike with complete peace of mind as our dealers are 100% verified.

Lowest Price-

We compare the bikes from multiple dealers and show you the bike which is quoted for the lowest price, so you always get the best deal on your rental bike.

You Can Rely On US-

Did something go wrong? No worries, your money is safe with us. Get a 100% refund if we couldn’t deliver you the bike or match your expectations.

Widest range of bikes –

With us, you have the widest range of bikes to choose from. From scooty to Harley, find every bike on rent at

Multiple Timeframes to Choose from –

Need a bike for rent for just a few hours? Why pay more, just rent a bike on an hourly basis. Have bigger plans? Rent on daily basis. And the most interesting thing, unlike others we don’t count a day of 12 hrs or as we wish. We know that a day has 24 hours and we rent you the bike for a full 1 day for the price you pay. Thinking to rent a bike for weeks and have that pricing too. For long-term rentals, also consider our monthly pricing bike rents.

Highly Satisfied Customers –

Join the elite club of 50000+ highly satisfied customers. Over the years we could maintain an 8.5+ (on the scale of 1 – 10) customer satisfaction rating which proves that you shall just enjoy your ride like others have done.

Secure Payment –

We are 100% SSL secure and you make payments with top-rated payment services in the industry. Further, we do not take your card details anytime.

Low-Security Deposits -

We keep them low so that you don’t have to carry on with bulky pockets and deal in cash of large amounts.


We love to give them. Take advantage of RenTrip wallet and rent bikes with discounted rates always. Our regular customers always rent for less.


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