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10 Tips for a Great Bike Trip with a Pillion Rider


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10 Tips for a Great Bike Trip with a Pillion Rider

06 Apr, 20

Agam Raghav

Riding with pillion can be both fun and challenging at the same time. It takes a lot of gut and courage to ride with a pillion not on city roads but definitely on longer riders or mountains or off-road. The pillion plays a very important part during your ride and can make a huge impact both physically and mentally. Apart from this, the pillion gives you a sense of satisfaction and comfort while on a ride. Below are some points that could be very helpful for you, if you are riding with a pillion on your next ride:

  1. Briefing: Briefing totally depends on the experience of the pillion rider. If he/she is a regular rider, it will be easy for you and if he/she is a newbie, you definitely need to brief them better. The briefing includes everything from gears to how to get on and get off the bike. Briefing them better in starting will give them enough confidence and they will surely love the motorcycle rides. If not, they will definitely feel it as a burden or torture.
  2. Riding Gears: You must be very well aware of the riding gears while going on a bike ride. It is very essential for you to make sure that the pillion should also have the proper riding gear. A helmet alone won’t work here. Make sure that the pillion has a riding jacket and other safety gear while on the ride. If the pillion doesn’t have it, you should be more than happy to help them with your spare riding jacket and other gears. After all, safety is the first priority.
  3. Getting on and off the Bike: Getting on and off the bike plays an important part as it can lead to misbalancing and fall. Inform them to climb up from the left side by putting their left leg on the footrest and swinging the right leg over the seat. Once they are standing on both the footrests, they should sit as gently as possible to avoid any misbalancing. Getting off the bike is the same process as getting on to it. Panniers and luggage carriers can make the task bit difficult but giving them proper knowledge will definitely work.
  4. Holding tight: It is very important for the pillion to hold tight all the time instead of just being casual at this. Many persons casually put their hands on their thighs ignoring the risk of misbalancing and falling down in case of sudden acceleration while overtaking or sudden braking to avoid a collision. Putting both the arms around the waist of the rider and holding them tight is the best option for a pillion rider. If they are not good with the physical contact, tell them to hold the back grab bar. One more important point that many pillions don’t know about is holding tight with your legs, basically thighs. Pressing your thighs against the rider at the time of braking or leaning a bit down on corners makes the perfect balance of the bike that makes sure both the rider and the pillion are not thrown off the bike.
  5. Keep both Feet up All the Time: A common mistake done by the pillion is putting down their feet while in traffic or off roads as they think it’s their job to keep the bike. This can easily cause the bike to lose balance and can lead to a fall. Tell them clearly not to put their feet down until it’s time for them to get off the bike.
  6. Adjustments on the Bike: Adjustment on the bike as per the pillion is an important point for smoother riding experience. Starting with the luggage on panniers or luggage carriers. The luggage should be settled the way that the pillion is comfortable all the time and has no trouble getting on and of the bike. You must increase the rear tyre pressure as well so the bike can adjust with the extra weight. It also decreases the chance of the rear tyre to wobble.
  7. Change in Performance of the Bike: Be very much prepared about the changes on your bike while you are carrying a pillion rider. The extra weight on the rear causes extra time both while accelerating or overtaking and while braking immediately. So, have a small ride with the pillion and test all the things before leaving for the ride.
  8. Sensible Riding: Riding sensibly is always considered as the best option and safe as well. While riding alone, you have a grip of the handlebars but while riding with a pillion, make sure you don’t over accelerate suddenly in excitement or just to show off your skills. It can lead to missing happening if your pillion is not well prepared. The same goes for the immediate braking unless you are sure that you will bang into something.
  9. Communication: Communication with pillion plays an important part while riding. It will mostly help the pillion to get away from boredom. For better communication, you can use the helmet Bluetooth so that you can talk easily. In case there is no Bluetooth device available, you can make your own hand gestures for having food, using the washroom, etc. as it will be very difficult for you to listen or understand what the pillion is saying due to the sound of the wind. If not communicated frequently, your pillion can even sleep while on the bike that can lead to an accident.
  10. Include them in the plans: Include your pillion in every plan from choosing the right direction, taking photos, making videos and taking the right stops not making the waste of time. This will make them more interested in the ride further.

Keep these points in mind while going on a next ride with your pillion as this will make them happy and it won’t be a torture for them sitting idle for longer times. Happy & safe riding!!


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