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5 Mistakes A Rider Must Avoid on Leh Ladakh Bike Trip in 2024


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5 Mistakes A Rider Must Avoid on Leh Ladakh Bike Trip in 2024

30 Nov, 22

Agam Raghav

5 Mistakes a Rider Must Avoid on Leh Ladakh Bike Trip in 2024

Hey Guys, Ladakh is knocking your mind, right. So what are the things you must carry before you embark on the Ladakh bike trip? Things go differently when you plan your Ladakh tour from Delhi and different when planned from Manali. You can also opt to directly land at Leh airport and start your Leh Ladakh Bike Expedition from there. We have done much talking about the Leh Ladakh bike tour before too, but here are some of the essential things that may cost you dearly if not considered seriously.


Fuel cans with extra fuel –

Your bike tank has a too limited capacity to be sufficient enough for the entire route, and there is no fuel stations midway! There are a couple of fuelling stations in Manali, after that you can find a petrol pump at Tandi which is 110 km from Manali. You can refill your tanks here. Now you have 350 kilometers to drive without a single fuelling station! Here your fuel cans shall come into action. You shall get fuel at Karu, which is about 40 km before Leh or at Leh itself. Make sure your jerry cans can carry enough fuel for the required ride. You will also need to consider.


Snow Riding Boots –

You can have even frostbite if you forget to wear it. You can also rent one if don’t want to buy a new one.


Don’t consider too cheap bike rents for Ladakh Trip–

In most cases, you shall rent a bike in Delhi or take a rented bike in Manali. Bike rental shops in Delhi or Manali are usually run by unverified dealers who can cost you more money later than later. RenTrip has verified dealers who maintain the highest serviceability and if you are really don’t want to get stuck in Leh, consider rightly priced bike rents.


Pre-book your accommodation –

To avoid last-minute disappointments, pre-book your accommodation in Manali, Jispa, Sarchu, Leh, etc. Prepare your ride itinerary for Leh Ladakh bike tour, where you can plan your ride, riding kilometres, accommodation, etc. Delhi to Leh Ladakh bike rent is available in Delhi. Apart from this, you can also hire bikes in Chandigarh for your Leh Ladakh Trip.


Join Other fellows –

So your friend has changed his mind at the last minute? What next? We have seen many moto riders cancelling their trip for this. You can get more friends to accompany you or join other riders. Book a fully guided Ladakh motorcycle tour here.

Finally, there are too many things where you shall need to find an answer. Email our Leh Ladakh bike trip experts and we shall be happy to assist you.



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