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Kerala is just like a mixed fruit juice. You can enjoy the beach, temples, nature, and adventure all in one glass. As we know, Kerala is known as God's own place and is situated on the southwestern coast of India. Not only this but Kerala is also known as the spice capital of India. Kerala is where you don't need to think twice to visit as the season never ends in Kerala. 

Whenever we think of Kerala, the first thing that comes to mind is a backwater and houseboats, but Kerala is more than that. There are numerous places to visit in Kerala, and it is complicated to decide which one to choose from. But, no worries, we, Rentrip, are here and keeping your back to help you choose where to go. Rentrip offers handpicked Kerala Holiday Packages. 


  • One Way Tours

    Leave the bikes at the destination


    Leh Ladakh has an undeniable charm that is hard to resist and definitely worth an adrenaline filled bike ride. Here is a chance to visit the destination on a rented bike and that too without worrying about bringing it down again.

  • Women Only

    Why should guys have all the fun?


    Traveling has been associated with men for way too long and even when a girl steps out, the presence of men has become a must. To get some sister love, here is a chance to visit these picturesque mountains along with other women who share your interest of stepping into the wild.

  • Extreme Adventure

    The ultimate Adrenaline rush


    If danger makes you feel alive, then you are not alone. Here you would pass by the green landscapes and reach the ice where driving the bike alone would give you the thrill of life.

  • Weekend Escape

    Just a quick skip to be in the mood again.


    Looking for a weekend reprise after a long and hard day at work? If so, we can arrange a getaway for you that will rejuvenate your soul and relax your mind.

  • Bikes Special

    All Himalayans or Dominars?


    The marvelous terrains of Himalayans are worth a trip and bike lovers can opt to go there on their vehicle of choice. So pack your bags for once in a lifetime experience.

Why RenTrip Tours

Expedition Certificate

Expedition Certificate

Service Back up Vehicle

Service Back up Vehicle

Experienced Mechanic Back Up

Experienced Mechanic Back Up

Road Captain

Experienced Road Captain/Tour Leader

Camp Fire

Camp Fire Activity

Medical facilities with Oxygen Cylinder

Medical facilities with Oxygen Cylinder

One T-Shirt from RenTrip

One T-Shirt from RenTrip

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All required Permit

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All Tolls / Entry Fees

Fuel Included

Fuel Included

Drone Cam Ride Capture

Drone Cam Ride Capture

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to book a Holiday?

    We have already given handpicked travel itineraries that should fit the needs of most of the travellers. You can check the best fitting holiday package and book it online. After your booking, you shall get a booking confirmation, which shall have complete details of your holiday package.

  • How much do I need to pay for reservations?

    You can reserve your Holiday Package by paying an upfront advance amount and the rest you can pay a few days before the commencement date of your Holiday.

  • What is included in the package?

    With each Holiday Package, we have given a list of inclusions. If you have questions, feel free to enquire with us.

  • How do you offer the lowest-priced packages?

    Our packages are handpicked by our travel experts and we minimize the costs by having long terms tie-ups with Hotels, transfer agents etc. Please note that our prices are always the lowest for the given experience.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    We have given a cancellation policy with each Holiday Package. Please refer to the cancellation terms on the package you are checking.

  • How can I reschedule my Holiday Package?

    To reschedule your Holiday Package, please get in touch with us.