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Terms & Conditions (Dealer)

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Terms & Conditions (Dealer)

  • You agree to pay charges equal to 20% of the quoted price of your motorcycle to Rentrip Services Pvt Ltd for the use of technology services provided to you. 
  • GST @ 18% shall be levied over and above the commissions.
  • You will be notified about bookings via email and short messaging services on the details provided by you.
  • It is the sole responsibility of you to notify Rentrip about any offline bookings taken on your own. You will notify such bookings to the company by means of electronic login to your dashboard on or by means of email/support services. No commission shall be charged on these bookings by us and the purpose is to only streamline the inventory management process.
  • It is agreed by you to fulfil the booking once assigned. In the event of cancellation by you exceeding more than 10% of the booking assigned, we have the right to terminate your services without any prior notification. Commissions are payable along with all the taxes even if you cancel the booking.
  • It is your sole responsibility to provide a fully serviceable motorcycle at the time of booking. You also agree to maintain the highest level of serviceability of your vehicles by means of required checks on the vehicle after completion of each booking. You also agree to abide by our quality guidelines issued from time to time.
  • Rentrip Services Pvt Ltd and its administrators or employees shall accept no claims arising out of a loss of your rental vehicles and their accessories due to theft, accident, natural calamities, and negligence by any of the parties involved.
  • You will not rent your rental vehicles to any third party lower than the rates quoted to us.
  • We agree to assign more business to you when rentals are quoted at lower prices. This means that bookings assigned to you will be inversely proportional to the rental rates quoted by you.
  • In the event of any servicing of the vehicle falling due between any assigned trips, you will notify the customer for getting the bike serviced in any of the authorized workshops. The sole responsibility for such servicing is on you. You also agree to pay the reimbursement for such charges to the customer directly on the production of the bill.
  • In the event of any conflicts arising between the customer and you, you agree not to be directly involved in an argument with the customer. Our dealer’s support should be notified about such occurrences as soon as possible for the resolution of the same.
  • You agree not to charge a security deposit on any rented vehicle more than 10% of the ex-showroom value of the vehicle.
  • You agree to keep the security deposit and other documents of the customer in safe custody. Receipt for the same to be given to the customer at the time of picking up the vehicle. The same must be returned to the customer at the time of drop off and proper proof of return of deposits will be taken and preserved by you till six months from the date of drop off of the rental vehicle.
  • You agree to display banners, posters, and other promotional material provided by us from time to time at the place where it is visible to the customers.
  • We will pay you after deduction of our commissions which is 20% of the quoted price by you on the website. However, we have the complete right to take the bookings at any price as we may deem reasonable on our website. Any proceeds accrued by such bookings shall be the sole property of us.
  • We may also book your rental vehicles at prices lower than the quoted price by you on account of offers/ discounts to our customers. Such losses arising out of such discounted bookings shall be taken by us and we agree to pay you your quoted price after the deduction of 20% of our commissions.
  • You agree to maintain your inventory of rental vehicles regularly. You also agree to provide real images of vehicles, registration certificates, insurance papers, and any other legal document as demanded by us from time to time.
  • You permit Rentrip and its officials to have quality checks on your vehicles carried out from time to time.
  • You agree to provide the customer with the same vehicle which is assigned by us to you.  In the event of a vehicle not being available, you can provide the same or higher class of the vehicle to the customer for no extra charge to the customer. In such cases, you must inform us. In the instances where you provide a higher class of vehicle, written approval from the customer will be taken at the time of pick up.
  • You agree that we do not charge the customer for the late return of rental vehicles till one hour of drop-off time. If the vehicle is available, customers may extend their trip and will not be charged any penalties in such a case.
  • You agreed that we may waive off security deposits for some of its esteemed customers. The responsibility of us in such cases shall be limited to the payment to you up to the amount of security deposits on behalf of the customer (in case of damages only).
  • You also agree to pay all the legal taxes as applicable to you directly to the government.
  • You will be paid the rental charges on an hourly basis. The minimum booking hours are 5 however.
  • You agree to provide one complimentary helmet to the customer. However, if the customer needs another one, you can take the rental amount as agreed between you and the company.
  • You agree to provide the motorcycles on an unlimited kilometre basis. This reflects that there is no restriction or limits the customer can drive and the same is agreed by you.
  • You are liable to provide your correct address from where the customer will pick up the motorcycle.
  • You are advised to take and verify the correct documents from the customer as follows-
  1. Photocopy of Driving License.
  2. One Original Address proof (Aadhar card, Voter ID, Bank Passbook, Passport).
  3. Two Photographs.
  4. Verification of age and driving ability.
  5. Recording video, taking photographs at the site while picking up and dropping.
  6. Getting a declaration from the customer in the written.
  7. Getting Rental Agreement duly signed by the customer.
  •  You are advised to facilitate the customer before his/her booking so that they can get the correct status of the bikes. It will also help them to reach the pickup location easily. 
  • You should always be available at your location. In case you are not, there should be someone else available who can provide the bike on your behalf. 
  • It is compulsory to provide a working phone number of your business to enable us to connect with your business seamlessly.
  •  The customer has every right to check and inspect the bike before taking it. You are advised to cooperate for the same.
  •  The onus to have compliance with all statutory and regulatory requirements is on you.

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