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Ride to Ziro Music Festival

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Endowed by Musician Bobby Hano and Anup Kutty in 2012, the Ziro Festival promotes regional, local, national and international musicians and bands around the globe. What more to say! It is one-of-its-kind of celebration where you can find the Independent and varied genre of music. Spanning over 4days, this festival is hosted by the Apatani tribe of Ziro valley, one of the most enthralling sites of Arunachal Pradesh. Set up in the most serene location of the country, the festival showcases the northeastern folk songs and Indi rock songs by different bands and artists. The festival has two stages with a variety of bands and music acts. The stage sets for the enthralling mix of indie, alternative, fusion, and folk, with the heavy presence of electronic ambiences. They display both local, regional and bands from the outside. The two stages are- the day stage (Daynii or Apatani for sun) and the night stage (Pillo or Apatani for Moon). The day stage is located on a slight incline with the valley below features a euphonious warm vibe with a music that gently takes you to a tuneful
completeness by the folk and occasional singers. The night stage has the headliners and they have the mix tune of local heavy metal, alternative rock, and fusions. You can just take a sip of the rice beer and enjoy the hilly delight.

Main Attractions:

The stage sets in fire from the afternoon onwards. So, you have plenty of time to do the other enthralling things in the valley.

  • You can spend the day by sipping the beer and talking with your friends by lying in the grassy bed.
  • Trekking is also a favourable option if you are an adventurous one. It is a popular tourist destination. It is at the elevation of 5500 ft. with the exotic pine forest, bamboo forests and terraced rice fields. The trekking also offers the breathtaking Ziro Valley along with a magnanimous Shiva Lingam on Kardo Hills. And can also visit the wildlife sanctuary.
  • The next thing you can do is bird watching. And of course, you are a nature lover. Right! Then, birding can be a fun experience for you in Ziro. Here you can see the Lesser-Rufous headed Parrotbill, White-hooded Babbler, Oriental White-eye, Pygmy Wren Babbler.
  • Then if you have enough time then you can go for river rafting in Kamle may be the most indulging adventurous activity in the valley.
  • Biking and cycling is another experience you can participate in. It is an experience you rather not to miss.
  • Visiting to the paddy rice field is another exposure if you need a field trip.
  • Of course, how could you forget the bonfire? After having a good bike trip or birding join in a bonfire and make memories.
  • Camping is actually the core attraction which makes this festival unique and better.


Trip StatusOnBoarding
AvailablityMinimum 10 persons
Riding Kms1000
OrganiserRenTrip Expedition Team


Last date of Registration

The last date of Registration is 24 Aug 2019. RenTrip reserves the right to close the registration early or extend the date of registration. RenTrip reserves the right to change, alter or cancel a trip due to any reason which might not be in the best interest of your safety, like dangerous water levels, landslides, extreme weather conditions etc.

Note: There may be changes in the route and final programme due to any unforeseen circumstances.

  • Non Refundable Amount Rs.5,000/Rs.10,000(depends on package)
  • From 30 days before commencement of the tour 25 %.
  • From 25 to 15 days before commencement of the tour 50 %.
  • Below 15 days or not traveling 100 %

The participant can, at any moment before the commencement day of the tour, cancel your registration for that particular tour, it
is, however, important that we receive the information about your travel cancellation in writing. The tour could be canceled
or delay before the commencement, in the case minimum participation is not attained. In such a case we shall inform you immediately and also return the total amount collected from you.

Packages Details


This package is included with full transport and accommodation. Packages include 350CC Royal Enfield, but you need to pay for the fuel which is not included in the package. The breakfast and Dinner are included but you need to take Lunch from the venue where everything is available at affordable price and ranges. This package cost: 23,999 Rupees per person.


This package is included with full transport and accommodation. The transport facilities will be traveller/ SUV. The breakfast and Dinner is included but you need to e their lunch in the venue where everything is in affordable prices and ranges. The accommodation and passes are included in the package. This package cost 18,499 Rupees per person.


This package is for the people who have their own transport or vehicle and the package concluded without the vehicle and pass. The Breakfast and Dinner is included.  The accommodation is included in the package. This package cost 10,999 Rupees per person.


This package is called BYOT as Bring Your Own Tent where only space and food is included. They can get breakfast and dinner. They only have to pay for their lunch. This package cost 7,999 Rupees per person.

For Booking

  • Rider / Traveller shall need to pay  Rs.5,000/Rs.10,000(or as mentioned as per the package) as a booking amount at the time of reserving the tour.
  • Remaining Amount must be clear before 15 days of the scheduled departure of the tour.

N.B. - Tour dates are tentative. We shall update/inform exact dates as they shall be decided. However, subscription shall be confirmed upon booking earlier also.

Itinerary Details


Day 1: 26th September: (Tentative)

The hefty bikes are ready for an adventurous ride of 6 days.  The cravings to live a dream are going to be over very soon. We have reserved this day for documentation, checkups and fine-tuning of your bikes for next 6 days. We will start the journey on 26th September from Guwahati. The ride will be started from the city in the morning by 8 pm and you can explore the journey onwards through the route to Nameri. Then, after arriving Nameri there will be an accommodation facility either hotel or lodge within the tour package. Here, all the riders can take rest and save the energy for the next day. Although, you can also get the time to get acquainted with your fellow riders who shall become your buddy. Overnight stay at Nameri. Breakfast and dinner included.

Day2: 27th September: (Tentative)

On day 2, we will ride along the route from Nameri to Ziro from early morning onwards. After arriving on Ziro, we will set on the camping site which is included in the package of our tour partner Safar Apna. On the 2nd day, we will just take rest and feel the rhythm of the festival. From 03 P.M. on that day, the festival will be started. So, you can take rest inside the camp and can join the musical extravaganza.

Day 3: 28th September: (Tentative)

The third day will be started with a varied experience of traditional fishing by the  Apatani people. Along with this, we will also see their traditional customs and culture which is enriched with their own ethnic style. Then you can enjoy the festival at 03 P.M. 

Day 4: 29th September: (Tentative)

On day 4, we will enjoy their traditional Apatani food and also the making of Apatani rice beer. Their food is a worth to try. Then after lunch, you can enjoy the festival from 03 P.M.. onwards.

Day 5: 30th September: (Tentative)

On day 5 we will watch birds and try a little trekking in the hills if the time and other availabilities are possible. Then after lunch, we can enjoy the end day of the festival with full vigour and enthusiasm.

Day 6: 1st October: (Tentative)

On this day we will return from the valley of music in the morning to the route to Tezpur and stay the overnight there. After the musical exposure, it will be a free day of riding and feeling the green valley.

Day 7: 2nd October: (Tentative)

On day 7, we will return from Tezpur in the early morning. It is the day to see the plain city. And Say bye to your fellow riders with a promise to meet up on another dream ride once again.

Route Map

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a guided motorcycle tour?

    Guided Motorcycle Tours are the organized motorcycle trips and supported by an experienced Ride Captain, Backup Vehicle, and Mechanic. It is a complete package bike trip. This also generally includes accommodation, food, bonfires, and experiences. Please see the Motorcycle Tour Itinerary for complete details.

  • What is Package A, B, C etc. It is hard to understand.

    Please look for the description of the package for any package you select. For example, Package A - (Rider With Rented Bullet) means package includes the bike from us. Please refer Package Policy for complete details.

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    Yes, We shall offer you a cruiser bike to take a ride for the complete tour provided you selected the package which includes a bike from us. If someone in the group wants to come with his/ her own motorcycle, we do allow.

  • How to reserve a tour with you?

    We shall need 25% amount of the tour for booking and rest of the amount must be clear 30 days before the scheduled departure of the tour.

  • We are a large group. Shall you offer any discounts for us?

    We love to give discounts. Please send us your details and we shall offer you what others can only imagine.

  • What is the cancelation policy if I want to cancel the tour later?

    Non Refundable Amount Rs.5,000 per person.
    From 60 to 45 days before commencement of the tour 25 %.
    From 45 to 30 days before commencement of the tour 50 %.
    Below 30 days or not traveling 100 %.

  • Is there any security deposit for the motorcycles we shall take?

    Yes, you shall need to make a deposit of INR 10,000 per person at the time of receiving the bike. However, pillions do not have to make any deposit.

  • What documents are required from riders participating?

    All riders participating must be in possession of a valid driving license to enable them to drive motorcycles in India. International participants must be in possession of an International driving license. This shall be checked before the start of the tour. Anyone not having a driving license shall not be allowed to participate. You shall also need to submit copies of valid address proofs of all the participants.

  • Your price is higher than others. Why?

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