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    Car Rental In Bangalore 

    Bangalore, the capital of the largest city of the Southern Indian State of Karnataka is gaining its prominence thanks to the revolutionization of the IT industry in India. With Bangalore being a hub for IT professionals, one of its rising needs has been that of safer and more dynamic self-drive car rental services. And to offer just that, we have established our foot in the IT capital of the country. Whether you want to travel to the outskirts of the city for a trip or need a  rental car for your daily commute, we can fulfil all your needs regarding car rental in Bangalore at the most affordable prices.

    We at RenTrip offer a wide range of cars on rent that can easily fit your budget and also provide you with the freedom to move around the city as per your will. Our affordable prices and a well-maintained fleet of cars would help you cruise along the roads rather than being stuffed in public road transport buses with strangers. So download our application today and let our top-of-the-line customer handling department find the best possible solution for all your travelling car rental needs in Bangalore.


    Self-Drive Car Rental in Bangalore at the most affordable Prices 

    We understand the issues commuters and travellers face while trying to budget their daily commutes and weekend trips according to public transport fares. To save you from all such hassles, we at RenTrip have been channelling comprehensive tactics through which we can revolutionise everyday mobility and help you travel freely as per your will. 

    Self-drive car Rental is a newer way of imagining mobility, a profound measure in which a traveller’s wills and needs are regarded to be of paramount importance. Hence we have structured our services in such a manner that all the dynamic needs of a customer could be met with ease. 


    Ease your Everyday Commutes Through Self Drive Cars on Monthly Subscription

    Due to the fast-paced culture of the corporate world, job transfers have become a common challenge that employees face too often. In such scenarios buying a Car could be a bit challenging as you would be constantly on the move. To help our customers in such scenarios we have devised monthly car rental subscription plans, the curation of these plans has been accomplished through rigorous research and analysis, keeping all the necessary needs of the commuters in perspective.

    We offer a subscription model on all kinds of cars so that you can easily fulfil all your daily needs of commuting about in the city and plan the perfect getaways with your friends when necessary. With a car of your own you would have to worry about the issues of renewing insurance coverage as well as pollution control certificates, and over the life of the car, these charges would add up to a huge chunk of your finances. Our car rental subscription model in bangalore would provide you relief from all such issues. All you have to do is rent a car and drive as per your choice, and let us handle the issues related to insurance and Pollution certificates. Moreover you can rent different car every month and try out different models and segment every time.

    Rental Cars in Bangalore Near You

    We have expanded our fleet of vehicles over the years, and hence, customers can choose from our wide range of vehicles as per their will. We are available at several locations near you, so picking up your rental car and returning it would not be much of a hassle. Every car we rent out goes through a pre-pickup check, where its performance and cleanliness are examined closely to ensure that the vehicle is ready for use. 

    Our pickup Locations are at : VV PuramBanaswadi, Basavanagudi, Mahalakshmipuram, Nayandahalli, Samethanahalli and more.


    Car On Rent in Bangalore for your Next outstation trip

    Bangalore has a large variety of famous eateries and places that you can visit to experience the real culture and cuisine. But if you want to step beyond the normal and experience the gradual change in landscapes as you travel beyond the city limits, you should plan a visit to nearby places known for their natural beauty, such as Nandi Hills, Ramnagara Hills, Pearl Valley, Kaigal Falls, and many more all you need a car for your next road trip and if you don’t have you can simply rent a car in bangalore from us.

    We, RenTrip, could be the best companion for you on such trips as we can offer you the best and well-maintained car rentals that can easily fulfil all your needs. So plan your trip and rent the car as per your choice and budget with RenTrip. A weekend trip would help you reinvigorate yourself and get back to your everyday schedule with a new zeal. You can plan a visit to Madikeri, Coorg or a multi-day road trip to Ooty. And if you want to spend the day experiencing the thrills of witnessing wild animals in their natural habitat, you can visit Bannerghatta, Nagarhole and Bandipur national parks. While you might have to plan for days while trying to travel with public transport travelling with a self-drive car rental would surely give you with the freedom to explore as per your choice.


    Cheapest Self Drive Cars in Bangalore

    We know that you need the best car rental services at a cheap price. So we offer you a range of Economy and Luxury Cars and compare prices from multiple dealers so our customers can get the cheapest deals when they need self-drive cars on rent.

    We have added many cars to our fleet, such as Swift, Grand i10, Tiago, Eon, XUV 500 and WRV. We are also constantly updating our car fleet so you can always get the best car rental with the latest models.


    Just Search, Car on Rent Near Me and let the Adventure Begin

    No longer would you and your crew have to plan your weekend trips according to the services of public transport. Just rent and enjoy the freedom of driving around the nearby locations as per your choice. 

    There are no limitations, Hassles, or issues. Just rent the car of your liking through our RenTrip application and enjoy. It's as simple as that. No more erratic trip-planning sessions with your friends, let us handle all your worries about having the right rental car for your weekend trip from Bangalore.

    You can connect with our customer relations manager with a simple phone call or can book through our application available in both play store and app store. Within seconds, all our customers receive quotations for the overall duration they want to rent a car for and proceed with their decisions. Our team of well-trained and friendly sales executives are there to help you with any condition or issue that you might face while trying to rent a car in Bangalore.

    With our prices and the prompt services we offer, you would struggle to find a better provider. So download our application today and travel freely. 


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How can I rent a car?

    Renting a car of your choice is simple. Just select the car which you want to rent and book it. On the next step, you shall need to visit the location to pick the car up.

    2. What documents are required for renting a car?

    You need to submit an ID in original and the copy of Driving License.

    3. Is fuel included with the rental?

    No. Fuel is not included with rental amount.

    4. How much security deposit I need to pay?

    There is a varying security deposit for renting a car depending of the location and type of car. This is given with the car listing.

    5. When shall I get the security deposit back?

    You shall be getting the security deposit immediately after returning the car.

    6. Are long term car rentals cheaper?

    Yes. You can avail upto 70% discount on monthly car rentals.

    7. What are the various car rental formats?

    You can rent a car on daily, weekly and monthly. Longer the duration, cheaper the rent.

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