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7 Places you should never miss in Shillong

7 Places you should never miss in Shillong- Visiting North East India is the dream every rider want to live and Shillong is the destination that one can never afford to miss during the visit of North...

03 Mar, 19

RenTrip - Guwahati

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7 Biker Getaways from Bangalore

Nothing can be more awesome than exploring the outskirts of Bangalore on a bike. RenTrip offers wide range of cruisers as well as sports motorcycles that can enhance the charm of visiting these beauti...

27 Nov, 16

Team Rentrip

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We thought of coming up with an article on how to complete the ride successfully on most difficult terrains. There have been many instances when many of the riders stuck up on secluded roads with fail...

29 Oct, 16

Parvez Khan

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Motorcycles are not Dangerous

Riding a Motorcycle can be a joyous thing. Every time you push the self start button or twist the throttle you can feel an emotion rushing deep inside your heart. The emotion of being happy and free f...

13 Sep, 16

Agam Raghav/ Photo by Vivek Chaudhary

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11 Reasons Four Wheelers Can Never Beat Two Wheelers in 2020.

Hey guys!!! The topic sounds interesting, right? We all have some kind of vehicle with us. May it be a car or a bike. The difference is that a four-wheeler is basically bought for high status and some...

01 Dec, 19

Shailza Singh/ Image by Vivek Chaudhary

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