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Dzukou: A Utopian valley of flowers and clouds

Dzukou: A Utopian valley of flowers and clouds Table of contents: Dzukou-the green Paradise Best time to visit How to reach And the Journey beyond myths Accommodation Food Cost Is it safe t...

25 Aug, 18

Angana Dutta

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ZIRO Festival of Music: The Colourful Extravaganza

ZIRO: 4 Days Musical Extravaganza of Happiness   Contents: Introduction History Celebrations Main Attractions Food Where to stay Festival date and timing How to reach Planning Why ...

29 Jul, 18

Angana Dutta

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28 Places to Visit in and Around Hampi | Hampi Travel Guide

Why visit Hampi   This is one of the most scenic and beautiful sites in India and also in the world. Whether you are a die-hard traveler or just traveling to change your mood, Hampi has the cal...

22 Jul, 18

Satyarth Singh

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7 Must Visit Places in Bidar

Bidar is the second biggest IAF training base in India. Bidar city is known for its Bidri craft also it is the holiest place of Sikh pilgrimage.   HOW TO REACH BIDAR   By Air:  ...

18 Jul, 18

Shailza Singh

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The Mystery Behind Skeleton Lake

Lakes are a vivid and beautiful expression of Nature’s gift to us. India is blessed of many beautiful Lakes that are wonderful. Lake of India drive the tourists across the world. They are exciti...

16 Jul, 18

Satyarth Singh

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